Would a 1k metal halide do the trick?



A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I looked on amazon and eBay…could not find a “36watt cfl tube” & fixture for sale.
Would a 1k metal halide do the trick?


Yes most definitely, depending on your space. A 1000w it good in a 5x5 tent or cabinet
But there will be heat to combat
Suggest you buy the air-cooled hood then vent heat outside of grow space.


For certian 1000 hps is more than enough to veg and flower under
if you looking to germinate it going to be much more than you need tho
Happy growing


MH for vegetation, HPS for flowering. You can get a special MH bulb that screws right in to a HPS fixture and works with the HPS ballast. Then you just switch bulbs when you want to flower.

I think Home Depot actually sells the whole fixture + MH + HPS bulbs for a very reasonable price.


Amazon sells cool tubes & it makes 10000% difference. I use a 400w mh & 600w hps in a 36x36x72 tent. In flower i also use side cfl lighting. Im in south so heats always a problem. Ive considered leds but for me expensive & have read mh & hps is closest to natural light.


@Laurap i agree completely! My 400watt mh/hps dimimable ballast was less then 200$ and i can lay my wrist of the tube when running full 400watts after being on 18hrs straight. I can keep very close to the plants with out burning them


@Laurap hey i come from the oldschool lights too when mh/hps were the only way to grow dense dank meds… But with some of these cheaper LED made by companys targeting cannabis growing, like Dimigogo,Hollandstar, kind, galaxyhydro… Under 200$ can get a decent one.
My 1k Dimigogo actually pulls 230watts and is full spec, uv uvb. I use my hps in the middle and a 1k led on each side and dont think ill ever run one or other alone again. The combination just seems to be the ticket, especially in smaller to med sized grow rooms. If your grow space is less then 4ft total id personally go with more smaller leds then 1big one, only bc my dinigogo 1k bleaches leaves when its closer then like 16"


Thanks for info. I’ll check those out. Ill have to update my schooling as well as i dont know squat about leds


Most important thing you need to know about LEDs is EVERYBODY LIES! A “1000 watt” light may only draw 230 watts from the wall. Well, guess what? That’s a 230 watt LED, not 1000 watt.

You need around 50 real watts per square foot to flower.