Worst weed ever!


spent my hard earned 100 bucks on this shitty weed it’s like rocks and taste like chemicals, some scumbag grower destroyed what smells like could of been a decent strain. pretty sad when its all you can get here atm!! :sob:


man, sorry to hear that. they do look nice, but looks aren’t every thing.


Looks like it should have been harvested 2 weeks sooner. Pistols are too brown. Probably crumbles like dust huh?


too many stems in that bag for me but this is exactly why we grow our own :wink:


That is sad :pensive:! And like Donaldj, thit is the reason why we grow


yeah way too late, they do it for money not love!


@Donaldj you hit the nail on the head mate, weed like this is exactly why i started to grow, might have a break untill mines ready. i feel privileged to have a global moderator comment :+1:


I’ve been growing my own weed from seeds I get on here for 2 years and cannot smoke the junk weed that I used to smoke. It tastes like hay and gives me a terrible headache.


I agree with Donaldj thats why i grow mine as well


I grow because transactions are more dangerous than getting caught growing, because chasing down someone reliable with product that’s actually good is a royal pain, and yeah… quality.


@muffybunny why are transactions more dangerous? do you live in Russia or somewhere gangsta? hehe


i grow my own to supply myself, friends and family and plus this is what I spent in my life buying it.


Getting caught in a transaction. But the gangsta thing sounds way tougher


I do not miss having to purchase medicinal herb on the open market


I feed sorry for you dude. Yeah it’s a waste of money.