Worst. Scrog. Ever

I had to end my previous grow early (ILGM Goldleaf) because of ‘aroma management’ issues - The guy upstairs kept asking if I could smell Skunks :smiley: It may be legal in my state but it’s probably unwise in a rented apartment :cry:

Since then I have bought a house out of the city and can grow in relative peace, my only neighbor is an outdoor grower :slight_smile:

This time I am growing two ILGM Blueberry & two ILGM GSCE in coco with AN nutes. About 3-4 weeks into flower they suddenly starting showing tip burn, I had been feeding at the same PPM the whole time. Did my head in a bit but reducing the A&B seems to have stopped it getting worse.

This is day 58 since the 12/12 flip. BB is advertised as 63 days and GSCE 70 but, of course, these numbers are just for guidance

It was supposed to be a SCROG but it ‘escaped’

Group shot

BB has to be done soon, right?

Meh, still growing white hairs

BB closeup - Is that some amber?


Great photos! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: was that with your phone?!?! And i think i see hints of amber. Looks like a good but milky but still some clears. She looks :drooling_face: worthy tho. Also are those bud close ups of leaves?

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I used one of these:


Closeup is of one of the bud tops

Just trying to figure this website out, just signed up. Ok heres my question anyway. Made a mistake trying to grow sour diesel the first time. 2nd mistake, tried to beef up potting soil with organic generic fertilizer plus magnesium, just experimenting . Started to brown the big primary leaves so i rinsed the soil and it seems to be getting better. I didnt really expect success, but one of 3 plants is going gangbusters after initially growing nice leaves on a really slender stem, unable to hold itself up. Along with bringing brownish, then dark-green-tipped primary leaves, the stem quadrupled in size,(at least) and is growing new leaves that are more compact but probably healthy. I live at 8000 feet altitude with unpredictable weather…so: my half baked theory is to transplant (plant is maybe 4 inches, with 4 sets of dense, good color leaves) so, when?

2, is 5 gal. Bucket going to be ok if for some reason my little hero thrives? 3. I want to bring it outside until it gets cold (what temp is cold, for it? Its gotten into high 40s but once the monsoon is over, in a couple weeks probably, the temp should be in 60s (night, high 70s daytime, with plenty of sun). Im thinking, leave it out, with close attention, till it gets in low 50s at night…but build a small custom greenhouse around it till the days get markedly shorter and temps drop to low 50s-high 40s, then bring it back in and back to cold cfls until i can force flowering. Does any of this sound even possible?

Sorry for the long question, if anyone can paste this into the right place I’d be grateful…or give some clues from here? Much appreciated…

  1. Yes. Transplant sounds about right. What are u in currently? 4 nodes sounds too big for a starter tray ir solo cup.

  2. The 5 gallon sounds perfect. Depending on where ur located and ur growing season length u may need a bigger pot.

  3. Im not sure of the lowest optimal temp. But mid 50s should be fine. Maybe a bit stressful. But as long as she is established and her root zone doesnt dip too bad u should be fine. Id look into that greenhouse sooner then later tho. Also supplementing with cfls to extend veg is a viable plan. :+1:t5::+1:t5:

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More trichome porn (trichorn? porchome?)

I’m seeing a decent amount of amber in these - chop? chop?


What does the community think?


First, I love the anatomy of those trichomes. Really pretty up close bud pics.

Which plant is that? GSCX? I think harvest anytime in the next week and you’ll be fine. I see a few clearish heads, but mostly cloudy and amber. It’s time!

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Get cold there right lots of snow

It’s the BB. Tonight I’m going to drill some holes in the BB stems and then chop them down on Friday I think

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Took the big BB buds down …