Worse than any beginner

that is exactly what I said I ordered more plants from burgess seed to confuse the mailman and neighbors

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looking at my book I killed my last grow in a record breaking 7 days. today is day 5. I cant monitor them as I would like because I still have my grandson here and he is everywhere. I put one seed in the dirt and did three on a paper towel. all 4 came up and look to be the same size #4 looks week to me. I cant even get on here and read all I want gotta go

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You can do this…dont micro manage a thing for the first week. My dads voice just rang out saying “get out of their way son” lol…they need water and light from you and its easy to overwater when they’re that small. When they get a week or 2 old and the roots catch then it’s on lady :cowboy_hat_face:


Yup. The forced hiatus is good for them. Set em. And try to forget em. Spritz with water and ignore the babies. Feels like abuse. But they are tough.


Most likely the best thing that could have happen for them. Less is more at times, especially when your having issues

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question my room humidity is 90 percent temp is 70 percent. do I still need domes over my seedlings

Pics? How big are they?

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phone went dead as soon as its charged I can upload

I would say no, my grow area has high humidity and good temps i only use a dome on my clones with no problems. It works for me: but more advice should be coming along soon.

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I also lose my phone chargers, ipads and chargers, my dog got orange pop spilled all over him and my couch when grandkids visit. now if I had spent an extra minute checking my plants I would have seen #4 isn’t doing good because she was growing horizontally and I needed to cover the root with soil and move him over. see we are back to entitled little shits no consequences. now your momma needs a break. I would have hit you over the head with my purse from the front seat driving and told you to knock that shit off or you are going home and getting nothing at the store.


Haha u mean the plant? Just threaten her with nutes n early toppings.


I think she’s abusing her grands lol. Sounds like they had it coming tho O Oh :cowboy_hat_face:


ok got a new phone charger.

the first one is #4 totally growing wrong way. #3 looks tiny

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# 1 and # 2 do they look like stretching to much for light? I adjusted distance its not my grow light again. no heat coming off this light

I told those little cups knock this off or you will be outside with the rest of the weeds with no future and no friends

Your one tough grandma. Tough love works it’s a proven fact…nice job getting the girls going. I honestly haven’t caught up on your thread but things look good…:+1:here’s a pic of my tough little girl I accidentally left out in the storm last nite . LMAO


i think i have been raising kids for 36 years. when my 16 year old son brought home his new girlfriend 3 months pregnant with someone elses kid i had no choice but to let her live with us and 18 years later i still have the baby and she is grandmas girl


:exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head: thats awesome of u. And dang LoCo thats seedling abuse bro!

Pp 1 n 2 look just fine. 4 looks like she needs a toothpick support. And 3 looks a tad over waterd


thanks! on it