Worried about rust fungus, could this be it?

So these two seedlings have orange discoloration, then theres one dot on another seedling and the plant closest to the hot house had 2 leaves with a few spots like that, i cut them off before i could get a pic of that but it was on a 4 week old, ive had the humidity a little high like 75% in the hot house and the tent stays at 58% there about 10 days old, nothing but RO water and a GH seed plug, its been there from the moment those two broke the ground they had a little orange discoloration but its progressed to this, on the bigger leaf that had the spot i couldnt rub it off but im still worried its some kinda rust fungus

Found another leaf with similiar marks, there was no holes in the leaf i did that seeing if it would rub off doesnt seem too

Nah, they’re just trying to figure themselves out. They’ll green up as they get older and figure out how their systems work.

God i hope so, a few leaves of my bigger plants might have been removed for no reason…lol those second pics though are from the bigger plants heres some context

I do at least feel a bit better , this whole grow i badly messed up, those 8 plants started from a tray of 40 that all dampened off all laying flat on the ground cause of a trio of mistakes i made
i broke open all 40 seed plugs and replanted what i could by putting half of the stem back under the dirt in the new plugs so they would stand up, honestly thought none would make it,
as quickly as i could, I germinated another batch of seeds cause i need 24 more to fill my grow space, i picked strains that can finish in 50 days the other 8 are all 75 day strains (which im sure i pushed back a bit with all the stress) now the poor girls get there custom nutrient schedule stopped and have to drink with there younger sisters schedule,
With so many things that have to line up for this 2 work now rust fungus would be one 2 many variables …

They look a little droopy. Could the light intensity be to high?

Thats possible i did just change my brightness setting from 80% to 100% i was wondering myself if i should raise the light a bit, its a mars hydro ts3000 its about 24 inches above maybe less

So heres how they’re looking now, got more yellow then i like adding a bit more calimag got my TDS around 1050