Worried about hermies

Question from a fellow grower:

We have 10 plants that we started on 9/1 we started from seeds purchased on your site. We purchased the high yeild pack that came with Big Bud fem, Amnesia Hayes fem, and Chocolate fem. We are stated flowering them by changing to 12/12 light schedule from 24 hour light schedule. We have a 10x5x7 foot tent and we use 2 1000w HID DE HPS lights on low to prevent too much heat. I’m worried about getting Hermies. I’d like to see some better pictures of what to look for if possible.!

Can you show us, using a single photo so we can zoom, what is making you worry about hermies?

Female pistils pics

Its my current plant that is prone to going hermie… cherrypie

Thankfully she’s all female

Veg Stage Female Pistils

Flower Stage Female Pistils

This is what happened when my last grow hermied 20 days into flowering

Did you work out the cause ?

No unfortunately . It was bag seed and it was my first grow. So it could have been genetics, over feeding , topping her could have triggered something or I may have even done to much pruning to late in the grow . I planted some of the seeds she produced (I grew it out even though she hermied since it was my only plant) and I’m not doing any of the above so we will see if it was genetics. Today is her first day on 12/12

Do you know how to prevent hermies @SlowOldGuy ?

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I have never gotten anything other than nanners (from a light leak) but to hopefully ease your mind I gave my friend a cherry pie seed and he has taken clones from it three times,and defoliated it at least twice and she is a beautiful girl still (I have been looking it over every time I go to his house)


Fems will usually start to throw nanners 10 to 12 weeks from light flip if it’s just genetics… environment and light leaks will bring it on faster if the plant is prone to stress issues… :wink:

2 double ended fixtures does seem like alot of light … that’s about 2400 watts of hps you got…
Are you using co2 and what are your temps… at the canopy?


That is great to hear, thank you!

The light leak thing i was from something i read. So maybe 50/50 truth to that bit of info.

Have you smoked CherryPie?

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u have good quality seed, step one taken care of.!!
now the environment needs to be decent, then u will have no hermies.!!

environment includes everything.!!
soil, light, temps, fert’s…

as far as what to look for…
if u suspect bad conditions then look for banana shaped pollen sacks (small yellow spots on the calyx), they usually start appearing 4-8 weeks into flower and r usually pretty sparse.

try a google search, cannabis hermaphrodite pictures.!!
if u can’t find pics let me know, i can easily induce hermies and then take some pics.!

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Keep a close eye on those cherry pies @GreenCoat
I had one hermi in me and so did @Hogmaster

They a prone to it

But it’s some tasty medicine
I’m been smoking it for a while now and love it

Hey @Countryboyjvd1971

Can you take a look at my latest post on my journal.

I’ve done a major leaf tuck but not sure if I should defolaige…

Tag me into the journal @GreenCoat I’ll take a look ASAP