Worried about drying in cold. should i do it?

Ok so I’m getting ready to harvest and the only spot I can really use to hang my plants would be in my garage. I thought it would work great but with it now fall it gets cold in there and stays cold. So I hang my branches in boxes would that help with cold? I mean it gets to probably down to 38℉ in there. I took a lower branch off and started drying, but after 10 days it was still wet. I can’t really hang them anywhere else cause of kids or the smell sticking to the wife’s clothes. Could I hang outside during the day then put in garage at night? Just not sure if the cold will effect the flowers or not? Any help is appreciated!

Could you add a little heater to the garage?

I look at it like this, if I tried to hang my deer to butcher and it was 38F, that deer would almost be frozen, so no moisture is really escaping at all. On the other hand, your buds wouldn’t get mold because of the cold temps.

You’ll either need to add some air flow and a heater, or just take a month to dry lol :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:


I wouldn’t put them outside as the light will degrade the THC. I agree with the advice of the heater and fan.


Yes I can put a small heater in I suppose. So will them being in boxes help slow the drying or help a little bit with it being a little on the cold side?

Define “boxes”. You need airflow or you risk mold.

Boxes as in cardboard boxes with holes in the side of them. I had a little harvest last year and it worked good but this year I have outdone myself. I have never tried to dry this much before.

@ryry I love when I outdo myself it’s a good problem to have …:blush: fan and heater is your best bet , sound advice from above… The cardboard would help with high humidity but not with dry cold air…



Damn, just put them outside for a few hours. It will mold before you figure out other ideas. Damn

You can cover things from light and allow access to air. Does everyone her think commercial growers all dry and cure their stuff ideally? Ideal conditions are best, but better to dry buds fast, than let them mold waiting on a heater or an answer. Not like it takes a couple weeks for mold to start.

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You can dry it quickly, and still cure it to preserve taste. I don’t try and save every link I read.

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I’m not a commercial grower? I just have 2 big plants and going to need to
dry it. Oh and I haven’t chopped then yet just trying to get ready for it.
I will have to dry some quick just so I can taste it.

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Update: ok got a little heater that also turns, so that’s a plus. I have
half a plant trimmed and hung. Almost to the big buds!


So much for the box, I see. How do you keep the kids out? I know they were part of your concern.

My grandchildren know that I grow and are accustomed to seeing it. Some are even trying to learn by watching me and asking questions.

Anyway, I’m glad to see you had a solution to your problem.

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Thanks, yea the kids just don’t go in the garage now lol. Oh and my 5 year
old sees it but just not really sure why I cut my plants and hung them
upside down hahaha. We just tell her they’re mom and dad’s medicine!


Oh and couldn’t get big enough boxes in time and got way more flower then I thought I was going to get but not to bad of a problem to have.

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Here are some of the big buds!


do u have a attic in your house? or if u could frame a small area in garage maybe use a tarp and put the heater in with the plants? just thinking outside the box…lol good luck

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I had too much for a tarp set up. I ended up with over 4 pounds tho out of two plants so not to bad


I dry in my garage from time to time. But usually in sealed dark room 60 65 deg 5 to 6 days. Have my hands tied this time with outdoor grow as I caught PM (powdery mildew) week 6 of flower. So I have to use the garage as to not track any spores into grow room. I did a bud wash using water and h202 (hydrogen peroxide 3%) there is a good video on this by Jorge Cervantes. My garage is around 45 50 degrees usually takes a little longer but always turns out great never no mold just really smooth good tasting smoke. Good luck to ya