Wormy’s 1st grow

I’d like that twice if I could

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With Gary should I follow the rules for transplant as in waiting for the leaves to get to edge of solo cup?

I would definitely wait til you see a good spread of healthy leaves. My mutant started growing normal leaves about week 3.

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I’ll keep watching and waiting

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Holy fawk and nyf :joy:… The next X-men star… She turned a beauty though. Great stuff :ok_hand::+1::+1:

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Lol thanks brother!!

Yeah she really came through

I hope my little mutant does that well

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Today’s pics
2 1/2 weeks for Gary 3.0

4 days for Ann

Where’s the pictures? Lol

Lol right here

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Gary is starting to grow finally and Ann the new one is weird… no leaves other that those little nute leaves. But she is green

Gary’s growing!

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This hobby really tests patience, doesn’t it? Lol

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Omg yeah it seems like everyone else has plants that just shoot out of the ground and are buds in no time but time stands still for my grow

I guess we all feel that way

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It does feel that way when you watch them closely each day. And sometimes you get the ones that just start off slow.

Are you growing inside?

Yes I bring them out for photo ops only


Ok so roots were kinda pathetic but transparently today

Here is Gary in his 5gallon new permanent home


She’s going to love her new home. Give her a bit to settle in and she’ll explode!