WORMS! Please help!

Help!!! My 28 day old GSCE has had 2 of the tiniest, 1-2mm, worms in the last couple of days. I’ve used need oil. Will cayenne pepper work against them? Am getting Jack Dead Bug, but have to wait a day or two. Please help!!

Pick ‘em off. Look closely at your plant especially under the leaves. Spray your plants for a few days. Wait a few days and spray them again. Spray some more. I do a regular spraying of neem oil/dish soap on my outdoor plants. I got some Capn’ Jack’s dust the other day and have taken to dusting my plants also. Another new thing I do is add nematodes when I mix my soil.

Early morning and late evenings is when you should be spraying and watering your outdoor grows. While your plant will tolerate a large range of temperatures, it will not tolerate extreme swings, especially in the root ball. Watering (and misting anything) in the heat of the day is bad for the plant and therefore a no-no. Watering in the morning and spraying at night will be a safe bet pretty much where ever you live. (Unless you live in the desert and then someone else is gonna have to chime in.)

Don’t be afraid to soak the plant thoroughly. Make sure to get under the leaves. Be diligent for a few weeks and they will go away. Spend a little time on preventive measures and they won’t come back.

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Today is mostly cloudy and when it does clear they will be out of direct light, but I sprayed pretty damn heavily this morning when I saw it. It basically destroyed the flowering point overnight (see pic below) so I pulled that spot off because it was already brown and full of worm shit. Looked over and under and in between as much as I could.

Also you mentioned the temperature changes. The changes aren’t dramatic, but their soil gets really hot sometimes. Know if that has any overall effect? Just curious.

Absolutely. I use a larger pot (10-20 gallon) for my outdoor grows for that very reason otherwise I’d be watering every day maybe twice a day.

Thanks for the info. Going to try to keep her along shade lines now. Man I still gotta get a damn wagon.