Worms in pots. Lots and lots of them

I’ve recently begun a new little closet grow. I’m growing autos and it’s my first time. Anyway, has anyone else out there use the practice of worms in the pot you grow in? I had neighbors a few years ago that had the biggest most lush garden I ever saw. They raise rabbits, they feed them alfalfa, they compost the rabbit droppings, along with several other organics like vegetables from garden, and they fill recycling bins full and leave em for some time. I used this soil directly into pots mixed with perlite mixed in and a couple inches of perlite on bottom of 5 gallon bucket. I plant sprouts directly into soil, and let me tell you, the roots couldn’t chase down fast enough. I’ll attach some pics. I flood the pots once after a while and they’re for the hills. I collect them from bottom of watering bin and use em again.


Worms are good !! for the soil - to a degree - did you just dig up-outside soil for your grow? worm casting help the soil

No sir, I explain in my message how I harvested the low from a Portuguese neighbor with a massive garden, rabbits and worms, and most crucial time for all organic matter to break down and be processed by the worms, which have been doing there job for generations on this farm. I mix a medium to airate the soil, then I chase them out with a good watering, a few vicking worms will remain perfect to keep soil loose and fertile. Fact for me. I live it. Not stories.

Great posting , I have a couple of worm bins for our compost and on my first grow used the castings and juice sparingly as part of soil mix and as nutrients
during veg cycle. I made many mistakes but got good results. I hope to do better
but will continue the worm nutrients, vapeape .

Cool, I’m glad you liked it. They really are.great for your soil. Merry Christmas…