Worms in my plant. In the stalks new pics

I have these worms in my stalks. How can i get rid of them. I see traces of every where. This is a plant that is outside and budding. Who can help?

In the stalk? Ear worms, possibly. Can you post a pic? Or a pic of the damage?

Do they look like this?

I will cut one out. And post pic

So this one apparently its in cocoon state . I see many of them. One was worm still.

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Damn dude that looks awful! Almost looks like a maggot, but I know it’s not lol

Looks like the flying wasp thing I seen make a cocoon in my light fixture? That sucks they inside your stocks. I would try everything you can find to kill bugs and other pests try asking a garden store and see if they could suggest anything for ya. Well good luck hope you get rid of them and sorry I couldn’t help out.

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No one has really seen this around here. I have an indoor plant that just awesome.

I found alot of these in my dahlias when pulling weeds. Never found them in the stocks of the flower but right at the base of the stock right next to the rootball asked my boss who is a grower for a long time, and he doesn’t know ether he said just smash them when I see them lol.

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something to read…gotta go, can’t look up anything else, atm

This is exactly what they are… what i did was smash every bulb and hole i found half inch in each direction. With this

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Unfortunately there is little you can do in an outside garden to prevent beetle borers.

Will it kill the plant.

Outside growing in not something I usually do, and I’ve never had a problem with “bug borers”. I can only give you info on what I’ve read.

People say to cut them out and clean the wound, for the best results, since pesticides have very little effect and no known predator for this stage of larvae. If they’ve taken too much of the phloem and xylem, yes the plant will die.

Hopefully, its in a branch that doesnt effect the whole plant.

Preventing them from invasion, would be the best defense.

This is her today. After i smashed all the nodes that held worms she grew 3 to 4 inches overnight. And today. She is a happy girl.


And if you want to know my tool for bending. Im ready to show people.

But you have to ask and ill message u

And she is growing nice. All ofnthe yellowing stoped. And she stinks so good.

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Here is a better pic today

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Great thread! Thanks for the info. Growing in rural Northern Indiana outdoors and found a few spots on my CBD plant. Little! hahaha

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