Worm Issue on plant

I am typically an indoor grower, and therefore have no experience with bugs. My tent got too crowded so I put one plant in a pot outside. It seem to be thriving until I noticed a small worm on one of the buds. Took it out, and then brought the plant inside so I could inspect it under the grow light. I did find a few more and I have killed them, looking at every single bud on the plant meticulously. Today I only found one small little one. Is this safe to smoke? I see pictures on this website showing damage from worms along with worm

poop, but I don’t know if I see that on my buds. Take a look and let me know what you think

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I don’t like bugs at all so I won’t smoke whats been damaged by worms. As far as is it safe, well they’re tying to get us to eat bugs so… I guess its safe, just count me out. Personal preference.

You might want to think about BT right about now. And if I heard you correctly you Brought the one with worms back in your tent? May want to spray those as well depending how long they were together. BT does a really good job if you soak the plants really well. Whatever you decide, time is now of the essence as those wormy little bastards do a lot of damage in short order.

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The tent was empty, thought it would be safe. Harvest hanging up, the outside plant in the tent. I was hoping I saw / caught this early enough, and wouldn’t have to throw it away. But in general, the color of the outside plant is significantly different than what I just finished drawing, even though it was the same exact strain of seed. That’s why I couldn’t tell what the issue could be or if I do have an issue. I think growing indoors might be easier, even though the yield is significantly smaller.

You don’t always get them. If your going to let the outdoor girl go a little longer give her a spray of the BT, then when you harvest a couple weeks later, or whenever, do a bud wash. Its like nuking the problem from orbit, Its the only way to be sure.

looks like you already got some nice buds. Don’t let those caterpillars dissuade you from growing outdoors. Last year I stoped paying attention for a couple weeks and got a bunch of em, causing mass bud rot. I threw away over a pound of bud. Out doors is still the way to go IMHO. High risk, high reward.

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Right now the tri-cones are 80% milky. There’s a few amber here and there, was planning on letting it go for at least two more weeks. So I was thinking of starting to flush in the next couple I of days. I’m gonna have to read up about BT, and how that would impact where I’m at with the grow of this one plant. If I’m flushing does it make sense to be using the BT? And I really have not read up much about a bud wash. Do you have any information or a link you can provide? Your help is much appreciated

I alternate between Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew (Spinosad) and Safer Caterpillar Killer (BtK). Spray once every five days which is the life cycle of some of the faster pests like mites (which you may have too).

Worms and caterpillars will grow inside your flower and cause bud rot. If you have a flower that has a dark brown region, tug on it and it will probably fall out with a worm behind it.

When you harvest, plan on doing a bud wash in peroxide. That will remove environmental crap you do not want to smoke.

Example: one plant…


Thanks for sharing your time

If you only had time for one spray left @Myfriendis410 would you use BT or Capt Jacks. I’ve got a few in the window, probably 2-3 weeks out and I want to give them one more good treatment once the monsoons end. Been alternating as well. 2 weeks ago I used some BT that got washed away within about 3 days. So this weekend I have to pick one.

Either one would be fine.

I’d make sure to do a bud wash in peroxide at harvest.

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I found this mf on my buds today…did it look something like it?

Any suggestions on treatment in flower?

Thanks in advance

Yep. I didn’t have much luck, I lost a whole plant. By the time I noticed the first one error worms on every main bud. I sprayed with a disinfectant. Followed by a peroxide bath. I dried it, but the smell was horrible through through the process. I still haven’t thrown it away, but I don’t think I have any inclination’s to smoke it. Hopefully you found it early.

Make sure the plant is away from other types of vegetation. I put my container too close to some other flowering plants which was a mistake

Mike Walsh

I feel it for you man, is always sad to lose plants by September after months of care and love.

Yesterday evening I sprayed some organic garlic extracts mixed with a bit of Neem powder as I’m still far from harvest which will be by November, it made them totally dumb, and this morning i found my plants surrounded by wasps, they were going digging thru each bud eating those who didn’t run away during the night.
I think I will give them a shower with BT tonight as i could get it just earlier today, than i will wash them with peroxide to disinfect it.
In the hope it works to save my harvest

I attach a pic of a wasp eating a caterpillar, i hope is understandable

Same exact issue. tried organic spray but it didn’t work. Only thing that works is manually,painstakingly picking them off. Here is the critters doing the damage.

I’ve had great success with Captain Jacks, actually feel your Pain but don’t sweat it, go get Jack!