Worm castings in seedling soil

Hi first time grow I am germinating 10 seeds and all of them have taproots and getting ready for transplant to humidity domes. I am having an issue with my soil mix and if I should use worm castings for my seedlings or should I wait until the final transplant. I am using fox farms happy frog for my humidity domes. Any other tips on how much perlite I should put in would really help. Thanks :relaxed:

You don’t need to add anything to happy frog. If you want to make it more fluffy in your final pot you can add around 20% perlite. I wouldn’t add perlite to your seedling pot.

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Thank you! It’s been really hard to find more concrete information. I know they’ll only be in the humidity domes for a week or 2 but everyone does something different.

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BD gave you good advice although will say worm castings are about the most benign supplement you can add to soil. Seedlings need no nutrients for two weeks and in fact if in hot soil can stall or kill seedlings. Once established you can pot up into more energetic soil.


I’m def gonna wait to do that then I just put my seeds in the happy frog soil and misted. So far they all have strong taproots. My plan for the final transplant is strawberry fields with perlite and worm castings I also bought recharge for it didn’t know if I should throw some in my mix or use it in nutrients.