Worm castings and nutrients

Hi, this is my first post (and indoor grow). I have many questions but will start with just a few.
My soil is 2/3 organic potting soil and 1/3 wormcastings in a 3 gallon fabric pot. I have 4 one month old plants under a supposedly 600 watt LED light.
Do I need to add nutrients? Ever? If so, when?
Also, one plant a BBanner, is developing yellow leaves in the middle. The very top new leaves are nice and green but are brown at the very tip.
The other 3 which are SS don’t really have this issue.
I can’t really post a picture because of the location. Sorry.
Thanks a heap for any advice.

If the tips are ‘burnt’ that usually means they have plenty of food at the time being. USUALLY. What kind of organic soil if you dont mind? And how old is she? Usually u start feed after cotyledons (small round circular leaves they are born with) shrivel and die off. So 2-4 weeks? Also depends on soil, lighting, environment…


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Thanks for the reply. The one in front is a BB. The ones in the back are SS.
These middle leaves on the BB are dying. These branches come off of main stem in pairs. One branch growing right on top of another from the stem. The top branch is green and growing well. The bottom one is dying. Should I prune this off?

Ok anatomy of your ladies…

The big leaves on nodes that eventually end up on the bottom of the pairs you mention are fan leaves. They are the factories for photosynthesis. Take sun. Turn to sugars. Sugars to more leaves.
The node on top of it with the smaller leaves i call suckers. They are your future budsites.
Same ‘node’ but different branches.

Now fan leaves die out. Hopefully not in droves. Maybe that leaf has served her purpose. Technically with all the others healthy yes it can go. But there maybe an underlying problem… (if u can get another photo in regular light it would help TONS)

  1. Im not familiar with Jobes to I googled it and it seems ok to use. May need a couple supplementary micro nutes. Namely CalMag. Mentioning this because first thought is she is hungry.
  2. How are your watering habits? Apparently not deadly cuz overall the girls look healthy n happy. But yellowing could be a sign of overwatering. -not what im thinking it is here. But gotta ask anyway.

Looking back up. This is the Banner? Which i believe are heavy eaters… but kinda finnicky about pH… which i see you didn’t mention… which leads me to:
3. PH is the root of all evil! If you havent already and plan on growing bud, invest in a decent pH pen (with calibrating solution and a order of pH up n down). It is NOTORIOUS for killing plants. Or helping us kill them. Reason being… you can mix up nutes perfectly and feed her 3 times a week. But if your pH is off she wont be able to absorb any of it. Different nutes are available are different ranges. The optimal range for growing weed in soil is 6.3-6.8. With 6.5 being the sweet spot. Nutrient_Chart2


Ok, well, uhm it looks a lot better in natural light. I did cut the worst looking one off. Actually there was only one bad one. The others are pale green, not really yellow.
I gave them all two tsp of fertilizer. My pool ph tester says 6.5-7.0
I use rainwater and RO water. The soil is Eco green?? Supposed to be banana peels etc. Lowe’s.
I have both veg and bloom lights on.
Thanks again. I couldn’t live with myself if it died. Just a baby.

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O yea. She’s fine. Had me sweating over here lol