Worm casting on out door plants

Anybody with experience of worm castings I’m all ears

You almost can’t give the plant too much worm castings. They love it. But not a great choice in flower: fruit bat guano or similar is needed then.

These are the pictures of the plants that came out of the tents. Purple Haze and the White Widow colons.@myfriends410@mattyBear@GoBlue@Drinkslinger@Randy_Marsh@MidwestGuy@fano_Man

The taller ones are purple haze, the shorter ones WW clones. I am using the fox farm trio on the purple haze, and my hubby is putting miracle Grow on the white widow, because he wants to see which ones are going to grow better! We have 3 pineapple purple diesel, don’t know if they are male or female. those are separate. purple haze already had a bug making a white cocoon on it. I took it off and put it in a jar and a bug came out of it. I hate bugs. hey how about you people show me your picture. Here we go rocking and rolling . Good Luck to every body. Dreamer

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I feel like a farmer lately. I want to thank everyone for your help. Now we are outside, I have learned a lot. Thanks to you guys and your info. This year I am going to learn two things. My hubby bought three seedlings home and we don’t know if they are male or female yet. Keeping them separate from the other girls. I let my hubby do Miracle grow on half the plants, which I hate. since, they have had organic fertilizer before they went out side. I’m using fox farm trio, on my half of the plants.so we will see how they all turn out. I don’t use neem oil anymore. Instead all seasons horticultural and Dormant Spray oil. Thankyou for that info. also. Would like :sunglasses:to hear from you guys to see how things are going. @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410 @MattyBear @Drinkslinger @Randy_Marsh @Fano_man2 . Really hope we can grow together this summer with advice, and experience.


Things are growing well, I’m working on filling my tent again, and the next round is in seedling stage. I have 3 Super Lemon Haze clones, one needs to be flowered. 2 need transplant from their 1 gallon containers.
I started about 15-20 seedlings though.

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:pray: looking good

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Very interesting watching them grow. So much different in the tents than
outside. I also learned to put up yellow stickers in the tent. And not start so early in the spring. My Purple Haze are 4 feet they usually only a foot or two by now. I started them too early probably going to be an early Harvest. The White Widow clones are three. I still think the coast of Maine fertilizer made them this way they love that fertilizer. I wish could give my outside plants the same stuff. I have 6 purple clones and 7 white widow clones under the t-5 lights right now for another person hope they can put them outside in a couple of weeks. Thanks for being there for me

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These people taught me a lot last year. Don’t be afraid to ask anyone anything. They are here to help. I have my girls in, “Mother Earth”. Lots of worms… I do use molasses and rain water, and amend soil with left over minnows from fishing and the guts and carcasses of the fish I catch. Not much of anything else. First pics are last year the little ones are this year. I grow in Michigan.
Happy growing

Very nice if I grow with stuff like that I would have all the raccoons and bears and whatnot in my yard but your plants look beautiful keep up the good work

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