Worm bug help please

Trying to figure out wwbd (what would bergman do lol) if anything at all about these very tiny worms i found in my grow (pics should be attached) as ive read worms can be beneficial.

They are tiny like mm in size and white/opaque i have also noticed what i think are flying/crawling gnats that appear to enjoy staying on topsoil.

I am still in the seedling stange with small fiber pots, i water when soil to the first knuckle dry using the saucer/uptake method (see a red string in one pics) and also spray once or twice a day using a mix of the bug/mold/root protection sold on ILGM, peppermint castile soap and drops of cinnamon oil with pH adjusted to 6.6
Indoor grow under a 450watt led 18/6.

Soil mix of sphagnum moss, earthworm castings, perlite and blood meal.

I have some bonsai seedlings and a small 2 foot tree right next to my girls… They dont seem to be affected.

Am i doing anything wrong and what should change?

Spray with neem oil or use DE, diatamacious earth, it can be sprinkled over top layer of soil

Sounds good, I’ll try just about anything once (except drugs, drugs are bad mmmkay)
Would it be overkill to use both DE and neem oil?

I’ve seen several for and against neem oil… What are the real bad things about it?

These hobbies are nickel and dimeing me to death, maybe at this point i should buy stock in Amazon lol.


Worse thing I can say about neem oil, is don’t use in flower other than that it works great also depends on solution

@Majiktoker so can the neem oil help with worms in the SOIL or is it just for the plant/leaves then?

I haven’t got any plants yet as im still in seedling, i know now that I have been overwatering… But its a learning process.

It can help for both the plants and the soil