World's worst at topping?

…is it me ? :thinking:

I’ve gotten better at it using a pair of nail clippers but I’m still not so great

How do you top your plants?

What tools do you use ?

Any hacks, techniques or videos you could share ?

-thanks in advance

toenail clippers? Too much info :scream:

These are great, small tips, spring assisted, strong…

I am not a pro, but my casual observations…I wait till at least 7 nodes, for strong plant growth…I like topping between nodes 5-6, or 6-7 and will wait a day or so to allow adequate space between nodes. It’s a 4 month grow, what are a few days in the beginning?..I will not allow side branches at nodes 1-3, they usually grow out thinner…


I have those exact trimmers - they’re pretty awesome for trimming bud but the reason I use Nail Clippers (not toenail, a small new pair)

I can get the clippers right down on top of the smallest new growth tip and just take that without damaging or accidentally cutting anything else

Before used razor blades and as they grew I could see where I was missing and half cutting but with clippers so far I’ve been doing much better


I just use my fingers and pinch it off, but that may be because I continuously top until flower.


Before I got the Fiskars, I had used fine tipped scissors…the new pruning snips provided a great upgrade…I just thought the tips on them would be better than the nail clippers…or even a razor blade/xacto blade…the handles and strong, small tips gave me a more secure, exact cut.

My finger pinches weren’t as exact…clumsy compared to the snips

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just hold the tip of the plant with 2 fingers and with the other hand take 1 finger and push to the side the top u wanna pop of it comes right out

My finger pinches are the worst!

Razor blades …eh ! Just so-so, I have a little shake to my hand so I guess maybe that’s why the Clippers are working better for me

The head of the Clippers kind of pushes everything else away like a snow plow type of action so I can’t accidentally cut it, if your feeling me ?

…never thought about using the Fiskars, haven’t had them too long, will give it a try ?

Hmmm, I’ll point that out if I need surgery…what are you thinking, garden spades for the incision? Maybe a little scotch tape at the end to close? :mask:

I like your scrog, your veggies look scrumptious, you grow nice plants…but if I see a ktreez420, Surgeon at Large sign, I’ll just wave as I drive by.

disclaimer…just kidding…no insult meant…my dog typed it

Thanks @kabongster someone has jokes!

Jokes or not, four Super Cheese clones must be topped in the morning

( 5 days ago at transplant )

I got time so I’m going to bush these out like hedges before they hit the flower tent

I topped a clone with those Fiskars tonight, didn’t work out for me, I’m going back to my clippers ! :wink:

Edit: another one of my hack jobs is growing in (picture when lights come on), all the leaves growing cut-off straight across ! LOL

…thinking of changing my username to ShakeyNorman

Thanks for the tips and insight ! :thumbsup:


They look good to me!

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Thanks, but those girls haven’t gone under the scalpel of Dr. Shaky yet !

Those are my victims …ahh project for topping in the morning LOL :smiley:

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It isn’t called FIMMING for nothing. Those half cuts (f@$k! I missed) still make the side branches come out faster tho. Green Man showed how some out door growers wer using that and upright wire tomato baskets to produce massively bushy plants taller than him.


Alright so I just fimmed the life out of my incredible bulk :frowning:

…they’ve basically stopped growing for 2 weeks at this point

I vow I will NEVER fim another plant!

Goodbye clippers (not the basketball team), I have a new method and as soon as my 8 Ball Kush gets one more node I’ll post a pic here

I’m a sea of green grower so I have very limited experience topping plants, but I’ve figured out how to NEVER fail at it again

#Now I’m the world’s best at topping

Never fim again…

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Here’s one of my top jobs.
The rough Jagged cuts do heal quicker. This is only three to four days later.


Ok Kabong,
When counting nodes… You count from bottom of plant up - Correct?

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Yes…the first pair of leaves are rounded, named cotyledon…these two leaves provide food for the plant, no additional nutrients necessary. They don’t count when referring to nodes.

Then there will be one pair of real marijuana leaves, one node.
Another pair, second node…
The fourth pair of real marijuana leaves, the fourth node indicates the vegetative stage is starting.

Your plant shouldn’t require feeding from you until the fourth set of leaves, the fourth node.
That is when the vegetative stage starts and a mild nutrient feeding, a half dose of recommended strength to test the baby plant’s reaction.

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Hey @Aquaponic_Dumme i hope you can tell me if you would top any of these plants yet? il tag you :slight_smile: