World's smallest clone

I cloned this one late already in flower.

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Here’s some of its sisters taken on time.

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:clap::clap:, I’ve had a couple that were small when I cut them. Nice little bud on too. Picture and conversation piece is basically what mine turned out the be. Hated chopping her down :love_you_gesture:

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This is my first attempt at cloning

A miracle. It took a while to reveg.

Same clone. Almost ready on 12/12


Mine is in the flowering room! Lol!

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I’ve made way smaller clones

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On purpose? I did this one hoping on a whim it would stretch

This small and even smaller

Smallest cut I tried was a 2 inch stem and like 1 inch leaves on it. The bottom of the cut barely made it thru the collar for the water sprayers to hit it but it worked out well and that was the best growing plant of the 7 clones to be honest I had some of the 7 we’re nice size that one being the smallest but best buds on it. Can be rough to get them rooted but it can happen.