Workman coming argh!

Hi I have a grow in my cellar. It is ,8 foot wide and 15 foot long , if that matters.
Luckily I have built a false wall halfway, so plants one side and my workstation the other. I have moved what I can and nothing is visable. My girls are well in flower but hopefully don’t smell much.
I’m having a kitchen fitted and gas and electric on off switches are down there.
The only thing he would see is lights through unfinished at 10 am when they should turn on I’m gonna have to leave em off. Work is to last 2 days. He should be here 9-5 (dollytime) and the lights go off at 10 pm.

Please let me know a solution. He’ll be here in 2 hours

Thanks guys

Put black garbage bags on them all if you have boxes or totes stack them around the plants(or put them in the back yard if you can )turn off all your equipment if they ask tell them it’s where you store your plants during winter

All plants lights fans nutes tools everything is behind the false wall. He just wants access so won’t see anything. It’s not a landlord just a kitchen fitter. The problem is instead of the lights coming on at 10am for 12 hours I’m gonna have to pull the plug for the majority of the next two days.
How do I deal with the pants getting light and what will happen with both the lack of light and an interruption of their light cycle