Woodrow Zkittlez Auto harvest

Thought I’d bring it over here. I have no clue how to add any of y’all to this. Just hope ya see it
The question was about 48 hour darkness before harvest. So I figured I’d give it a go without stepping on someone’s thread and just see if it makes a difference?
I have 2 IlGM Zkittlez Autos with one on the wings.
#1 and #2 as you can tell from their Kick Ass Clothes line pin are gonna be the first to go.

These have been feed smart tea from grow shop for 5 days. Tonight, I flushed with ph water only and put them under the lights. Will move them over tomorrow, or pot light, and let’s see what happens.
Here is #3

Sorry for the tag but I seen you was the last to comment. I don’t know how this tag, up arrow
Little paper clip looking things work.
So let’s see if there is a difference from 48hr difference?


That is awesome. Who taught you to grow?

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What is that? 1/2 lb dried?

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I was hoping for 1/2
But the 3rd girl coming through in the clutch i think

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Nice haul bud. Tag ppl using the @ symbol before the name with no spaces like so @Woodrow

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Very nice and healthy looking! Going to be a great haul on the weight at chop time :love_you_gesture:

Zkittlez auto


I asked the same question about 48 hour darkness before chopping.
Some go with darkness for 2 days and some don’t…
Just depends on one’s style of growing.
But what I was told is whether you do the 2 days of darkness or not to chop my plants during lights out.
Try both ways fore yourself and see what comes out.
No better way to tell then to trst it out yourself.
Good luck happy growing.
Nice looking plant too btw🤙

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So that is the 3 plants, and I’m cooter brown drunk.

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Cause I’m trying to see if there is a difference in 48 hour darkness.

Man, you must be from my neck of the woods

I’ve never tried the 48 hour darkness theory personally. I flush for 2 weeks and harvest

Bloody hell I need sleep. I’ll post pics before the dark then 48 hours after . So we can see the difference?? If there is any.

Move ya over here and fill ya in. You are spot on correct about the trichome color. To be honest, this is one biggest plants I’ve ever grown. Only grow auto so it’s still a learning process for me. And they are so far apart.
I’m gonna let #1 go a couple more days under light then move her over. Gonna let her drink herself dry before the move to 48 hrs of dark.

This is an experiment to see what/if 48hrs of darkness has

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Here’s is a pic of #1 that just got placed into darkness for 48hrs.


Here’s the others.


Here goes one for 48 hours

For those who wonder about extended darkness: the theory is that during the plant’s ‘day’ the canopy contains sugars and micronutrients, transported up from the root mass. At ‘darkness’ the plant then sequesters those sugars and salts into the root ball. So when chopping the plant down you keep those salts in the roots to improve smokeability. It won’t have any affect on potency for example.

This is one of those deals like stem splitting and ice baths that some swear by and others, not so much. There is no real scientific data to support doing it.

All of that said: I harvest from darkness as it costs me literally nothing.


Woodrow is gonna try/sacrifice a plant to see what happens after 48 hours

Had a nice conversation with a new friend over the weekend. Im just now understanding the whole meaning of it.
It’s right there in front of us, but we cannot see it. For those who’ve been there, they explain it in a way of simplicity for the simpletons.

We’re flirting with disaster everyday

Thank you my friend.