Woodrow’s micro setup

I’m gonna post this for what it’s worth.
This is a 2x2x3 tent $59
Mars TS 600 $79
6inch exhaust fan. $40
Beans. $100
Total cost $278

Starting out new to this hobby and on a very tight budget, I’ve managed to upgrade quite a bit. I’ve decided to recreate my first grow attempt to let anyone who wishes to view this post see what a small budget can grow.
This is ILMG seed LSD auto flower.
This is 48 days from sprout.
Medium is reused coco/soil mix.
Container is a Turkey Pan.
Nutes are 4-13-24 flying skull



That’s looks great. I’m dying over a turkey pan :rofl:


Beware Turkey pans will rust out thru the bottom.


It aluminum it won’t rust!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

You had me at turkey pan.


It will rust as it is not pure aluminum. I’ve used them and the bottom will rust out.



Actually brings back some memories…thank you.

Looking good

New pic from today.
I’m gonna leave it like this. No more LST, just clip leaves as I see fit.
It’s a one time use pan, so I cannot confirm the rust comment.
This post is for anyone on a tight budget who just has an itch that says “I think I can do this”
You can do this.
This is a great forum to learn all about this crazy gardening, pull your hair out, OMG WTF!! Oh, yeah!! Look at my harvest!! I’ve learned a shit load, sorry admins, from this forum.
Just wanted to make a post for all the others like me starting out.


Best thing ever cooked in a turkey pan!!

You gotta adjust your bean cost for this project. I mean I’m assuming you didn’t attempt to germinate $100 worth of seeds for this beautiful specimen?
You’re being unfair to yourself. That grow is cheaper than you think!!
And still awesome!!

Tuned in - added to Favorites!

Best of luck bro!!

*I saw your G13s - that plant is in good hands!

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If I wasn’t out of likes for seven hours I would like this! I just bought everything for my second tent with a budget of $800 but came in at $600, But I had to buy a lot of little things…extension cord, nutes, gloves, stakes, mosquito bits…the list goes on and adds up quickly!

Here is your surrogate like. :heart:


Thanks @Tylersays
The beans was just a throw it out there figure for a 10 pack. Unless you can buy just one. Lol
Hold on. I’m gonna find some picks

I cloned my ILGM Super Skunk.
Got it on 10 for 10 so initial seed cost $5.45
Got 16 clones going now in a SoG set up.
My per plant cost from that 1 seed is around $0.35!

So if you rounded to 100 bucks for 10 seeds you can drop your grow expense by 90 bucks!!
Proving even further you don’t have to spend a fortune to grow some good, premium bud for yourself.

BTW - got no idea what I’m doing! I just got my first tent in May or June of this year!! :rofl: :rofl:

But I’m having fun!!!

Happy Growing Everyone!!!


I am still out of likes. :heart:


I posted the initial cost just to get into this
Now here is the cost of your electricity for the light.
For example
450w divided by 1000 = .45khw
.45 x what you pay for a KhW hour.
Say it’s .12 cents or look at your bill
.45 x .12 = .054
.054 x 18 hrs a day = .927
,927 x 30 days = 27.81 a month

Please tell me you did not but a blurple light

Good on you for having a go at growing and u know what it doesnt matter what ur growing in as long as ur having a grow


U got it. U can grow in what u choose to try in whatever spot u choose to try. Work with what u have and make the best of it. So far it looks great