Wood moisture meter

If you have popcorn buds and the moisture meter has two pins with a good distance apart how can you read a popcorn bud can you use just one pin On the general wood moisture meter on Amazon? Or you have to use both pins to read the bud

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You have to use both. It’s reading the electrical conductivity. Got to have both an in and out.

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Thanks would you think a pinless one would work

I use moisture meters for a living. In my experience, pinless aren’t as accurate as pin probes, and work the same way. There are two square pads that measure the conductivity for an object that spans the pads. My guess is that it would give you a reading, but the reading would not be indicative of the actual moisture content. Best move is to put them in a jar or bag with a cheap humidistat (I bought a dozen for less than $20). If the reading is in the 60’s just burp daily until they get where you want. 70’s? Leave the jar/bag open for a day, then repeat. 80’s? Take them out for more drying.


I sometimes put a couple popcorn together and just a little squeeze. The meter can read it then. not very accurate, but I get an idea of the moisture

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Two popcorn buds crammed together then test. Use three or more if they’re really small buds.