Woo’s super lemony golden SOG

First a little background, then the details. It’s currently mid January. Vacation is scheduled to begin June 26. That’s a hard date that cannot be shifted. This grow and the following cure must be done by that date. I have a grow going down now that will finish somewhere around the end of February / beginning of March. Probably. I only have one tent and no room or desire for more. That’s the challenge. Among my assets are a small bit of room in the closet, a wheelbarrow, and a holocaust cloak.

Here’s the plan…

I grow one each of a clone mother of Super Lemon Haze and Gold Leaf in the closet under an HLG Bspec 135. Once they’ve gotten bushy I cut and clone using a Clone King in the same space, while wearing the Holocaust Cloak. After a few weeks, and after the current grow is done, they go into 2 gallon pots and into the tent as a SOG. Near as I can figure, I have room for 15 plants. 2 weeks of veg and flip to flower. After 9 weeks I do snickety snick and use the wheelbarrow to move the harvest to the barn. I have it all planned out…. (Insert comment re: gang aft agley).

Today is D-Day (drop day). 2 Super Lemon Haze and 2 Gold Leaf seeds were each put into Dixie cups of 3 parts RO and 1 part H2O2.

Moving forward, the medium will be Canna Coco (no perlite) and the nutrients provided by the fine folks at JR Peters at the current recommended mix ratio. Tribus and Recharge added weekly.

Post clone cut, I plan on transplanting the mothers to soil and hopefully get them thru vacay alive with no watering. If not, dems da breaks and so it goes.


After about 15 hours the seeds were transferred from the dixie cups to paper towels. Tragedy struck during this process and I lost one of the Gold Leaf seeds - damned if I know where it bounced off to. Freedom! Folded the survivors inside the towels and placed into a zip lock sangwhich bag, and the dixies emptied into the bag. Put the bag into an opaque mailer and put the whole shebang inside the tent, where temps are high 70’s.

Last night I filled the empty pots with coco/perlite and all got watered to run-off with Jack’s and Tribus.

This morning, after about 24 hours in the paper towels they went in the dirt. Everyone had tails showing and were painstakingly placed tail down in 6" pots. Yee gods, but I need a set of tweezers for the next round. I had to slide them onto the point of my pocket knife and nudge them with a piece of wire. Each pot has been covered with a 2 gallon ziplock to hold humidity.

Note to self - when you shop for tweezers get a tray for run-off, dummy. Had to steal a baking sheet from the kitchen that isn’t quite big enough. Everyone is under the Bspec 135 in the closet on 24 hour lighting to keep the heat up, with temp monitored. PPFD is currently 300-ish at pot-top. HVAC register right in the middle of the grow area is closed and will get a saran wrap hat shortly.

Gold Leaf

Super Lemon Haze

Grow area


You set yourself quite a tight time schedule!
It’s going to be really pushing to get that done in 1 tent by the end of June!
I flipped my clones to flower on November 11 2021 and I haven’t cut the first bud yet!
The first couple of weeks after the flip is a transition period and is kinda like limbo - not really veg, not really flowering. Whenever I see a seller saying 8 weeks to flower my mind automatically sees - 10 weeks to flower. Which with some strains is a conservative estimate!
Have you grown these strains out before and have a pretty concrete idea of the flowering time required?
That would help to know for sure!
Cure no problem as long as you’ve got you humidity in the correct range. They can go a week or so without a burp in range.
I hope it all works out for you!!

Best of Luck!!

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I haven’t grown either before. Both are listed at 9 weeks by ILGM. I’m going to be using far red light from HLG during flower to utilize the 13/11 light schedule (also never tried) and hopefully actually achieve the 9 weeks. My biggest risk on timing is if both the current grow and the SOG go long. Then I’m semi-screwed. Semi because our vacation spot is only about 2 hours from home.

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The 2 SLH popped right on schedule. Little green heads are above dirt this morning (01/17/22). No action yet with the Gold Leaf. I’m not panicking yet, as it’s only an hour behind schedule, but I’d bet heavy on the over for how many times I’ll check it today.

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Call off the paramedical arborists. Arboristic paramedics? The GL just showed up. I need to put a reminder in my calendar for 12 weeks from now that the Gold Leaf is 4-5 hours behind the Lemon Haze, so I harvest in the right order.

I’m still a bit amazed at the consistency I see in the time between putting in the dirt and showing above ground. Every seed I’ve dropped has showed above ground on the 3rd morning after planting.

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Nothing quite so dull as seedling updates, but here’s what we’re looking like today, roughly 1 week above dirt. SLH on left and right and GL in the middle. Maybe a little nute burn on the one on the left?

Everyone gets about 4 oz of Jack’s at full strength in a circle around the pot every day, Ph 5.8. Tribus is in the gallon jug of pre-mix, and they’ll get some Recharge once a week.

I have a small humidifier in the closet and I’m keeping RH up around 70%. Temperature has been more of a challenge, with us being in the depth of winter. Temps are rarely hitting 70 in the closet, most often closer to 67. I had the humidifier next to the fan and just moved it away. I started thinking about swamp coolers and realized I may be creating an even bigger temp problem for the plants than I already had.


I’m not too happy with the rate of growth. I’m quite sure it’s the result of cool temperatures in the closet. Depending on the direction of the wind and the temperature of the air outside, closet temps have been ranging between 66 and 70. Humidity is holding well at 65%-70%. The small light just doesn’t generate enough heat to warm up the whole closet, at least in January. So I broke down and ordered a Gorilla Shorty tent. 2’x4’ footprint and 4’11" high. It will barely fit if I back it off the wall by 3" or so. Hopefully the light will warm the smaller space into the upper 70’s. No fan or any other accouterments.

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On another note, I’m seeing a bit of a deficiency in my main tent. Maybe half a dozen colas affected, mainly in the two plants that seem to be running about a week ahead of the others.

I noticed the problem Friday. My thinking right now is leaning towards magnesium, possibly brought on by PH problems. The only issue with the mag diagnosis is that none of the lower leaves are affected. It’s pretty much right up at the top. In any case, I bumped the epsom in the Jack’s mix from 1.0 to 1.2 g/gal and bumped the PH from 5.8 to 6.0. I have also put away the bottle of Lumina. If there was a PH issue I’m naming that as my number 1 suspect. It is not PH friendly and I just started using it a few weeks back. Fingers crossed that I’ve nipped this one in the bud (bud… get it?).


The wind changed and the outside temp made it into the 20’s today. Now the bedroom is 75 and the closet 71. I believe I’ll just gut it out and sleep in my skivvies tonight, to keep the temp up.

On a separate note, I clipped all the damaged leaves in the main tent, so I can see if there’s further development of the damage. Damn things didn’t fall like Galileo said they would and stuck to the sticky bits. I’m guessing I’ll be able to spot the stragglers I missed on cleanup when they go brown tomorrow or the day after. Fingers crossed that it is all in the rear view mirror.


I had a seed fly off on me last grow. Luckily, I found it in the kitchen rug after about an hour of searching. I couldn’t believe it.

It’s been a few since the last pictural update. The babies are coming along. I raised the light and turned it up to 11 just to try and get a little heat in the closet. Between the warm bedroom (main tent), the shifting wind (from the south), and the higher light I’m getting into the low 70’s. The overnights are below 0 in these here parts, so night temps are still a bit low.

The one on the left is still looking a bit wibbly-wobbly. I went back in the pics and it’s been that way since sprout. It was reused coco from a plant I ditched in early stages on the grow going on in the main tent. That one was sprouted in hot soil, and I may have just gotten a pot-ful of the stuff.

In the main tent, I’ve talked myself into believing the deficiency problems were all PH related brought on by the unsupervised use of Lumina. I’m guessing I neglected to PH after adding the Lumina and blasted the ever-loving fish-sh!t out of them with acidic mix. I clipped all the damaged leaves off a few days back to make sure I recognized any recurrence. So far, all is groovy.


The babies are looking good

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Thanks, Bo. Big difference in growth rate from 66 F to 71 F. Just need to keep the wind from the south.


Haha I miss that weather myself lol… soon they gonna explode even more

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So the tent finally came tonight. UPS said it would be here by 7:00 and they made it with not much to spare. I set it up and moved it into the closet (Mother Hubbard, but a tight fit!). Within 10 minutes I’m dialing back the amps on the light and moving it closer. It’s over 80 degrees. I should have done this a week ago.

On a separate note, props to Gorilla Tents Inc. Solid tent. Duct vents are built to accommodate 10” ducting, zippers are husky and are flapped and Velcro’d. Packaging was designed for package shipping. Just a really well done piece of work. They even sent me a sticker.



Pics or it didn’t happen!! LOL!

Documentation coming right up.

The new tent

The babies enjoying their new digs. 78 F / 70% RH / 300 PPFD

Who doesn’t like baby pictures

And just in case you were getting over your sticker envy, here’s a recharge

The tent measures 4’ 11" in height as is. I also got an extension flap and poles to extend that by another 8". That ain’t going to happen in this closet. And a zippered canvas carry bag in the event I want to take the tent with me camping.

I still need to do some wire dressing to clean things up a bit, but pretty much have things set up.


Love the new tent

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Everyone’s digging the new tent. I’m trying to manage temp by playing with the top vent opening diameter. I’ve been able to hold at around 75 F for the last 36 hours with no fiddling, so I’m calling this a success. RH is mid-70’s and will hold there for another week or so. I thought the one on the left got some nute burn early, but I’m starting to think just natural variegation. In either case, the discoloration appears to affect the ability to process light, as she’s really stretchy compared to the other two. I’ll continue to monitor, but if she doesn’t quit this crap she’s going in the trash. I’m not going to clone something that has a known genetic problem and I only need one of the two to move forward.