WonkaMan’s Grow Log

Well, your girls are out in a garage right? I can see the need for a heater out there. In our basement this tent is fine, if a little on the cool side when the lights go out. If I’m really lucky I’ll be able to get some nice colors near harvest, though probably nothing like Newt.

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I’m also hoping for some colors, but I’ll have others to start flowering by then, and the new ones will stall manipulating temps. If current temps are adequate for a color change, then it’ll happen. Temps are on that edge, to me, but the plants seem to be thriving.

Yeah last year sucked with that struggle.
Short rant here, people don’t tell you that you have spend money on a house you just purchased to make it yours. Odds and ends add up, but if you were renting you would have to deal with them. Compromises of owning versus renting. Although technically you don’t own it, your landlord is just the government… :man_shrugging:

Usually the owner is the bank for the first few decades. But eventually it’s ours, and all along the way, at least we can make changes and ding/punch out the walls without having to worry about a landlord. I don’t miss those days at all. You’re right about maintenance costs of owning a home. No one ever really prepares us for those. Life is full of surprises… not all are pleasant, eh.
Legal growing has been a plus though! I never would have imagined this when I got busted for weed in 6th grade!

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I don’t recall the grade, probably high school. Local dealer spilled some seeds, I picked some up. I planted one, and it grew about 6” tall, and my dad found it. I told him it was a mint plant… for some reason he didn’t believe me.
Fast forward a lot of years, he visits me in Alaska on vacation…
What kind of plants are those? Not mint plants this time! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Fast forward some more, after me moving back…


That’s great!

I had a similar episode while I was still in high school. My dad asked me if I had any weed because my mom was having an asthma attack, and her doctor told her it might help to open up her bronchial tubes. I was happy to help… and it did. My parents never gave me a hard time about it, really. I was very lucky. But I was slow to start growing, until it was legalized. I’m not sure why some rules seemed not to matter and others did. We, people, are just weird, I guess.

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Don’t even get me started… :rofl:

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How have I not found this before? Following now.

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It’s not nearly as hopping here as on your thread, @Newt, but I’m glad you’ve stumbled upon it. Welcome!

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The girls today:

and a week ago today (for comparison):

I started a little LST after last week’s photo, as you can see with the SLH, on the left. So far, so good. At this point, I think I may supercrop next week, and then put up the scrog net the following week. I was kinda hoping to flip to 12/12 on Feb. 1, but it looks like I’ll be out of town that week, so I think I’ll flip when I return.


Nice comparison photos…nice growth since last week. Are you using the soft wire for LST?

Thanks Merlin.

You betcha! Soft wire for the plants, and twisties through the smart pots.


Another comparison.

This week:

And Last week:

Not so much contrast this time because I topped pretty much all tops last week, and also did a little thinning of low growth, early this morning, before photo time. I’ve been planning to supergroup this afternoon, and think I still will… at least the Super Lemon Haze, on the left. The Golden Leaf is so low and bushy, I won’t supergroup her, since I still need her to grow up and into the frog net that I’ll put over them on Friday. ('Heading out of town next weekend, and a friend will be looking after them for several days :grimacing:)


I feel your trepidation, your friend will do a great job as long as you promised some buds in payment.

They are doing great.

Thanks Man. They seem generally healthy so far. My friend grows monster 6-footers, so I’m not too worried. But I hate leaving my children. But I’ll be seeing my human children, so that’ll be good!

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It certainly sounds like your babies will be in very good hands.

Safe travels.