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I have a couple Zkittlez plants that are showing signs early flowering. I have 8 other plants that are not and they are all within the garden together. I know that the weather has been up and down but they have been outside for 2 weeks and have acclimated well. I know they should go back into veg but curious to any thoughts? I am planning on giving them a nice shot of nitrogen rich fertilizer to help them.

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How drastic was the time difference from inside to outside? I’ve only gotten indie so far, so won’t be much help. I know @Cannabian does outdoor. I don’t even know who else to tag. Good luck

I adjusted the light cycle inside to match the outside for about 3 weeks leading up to moving outside.It’s weird that only 2 plants are showing signs. Thanks and good luck to your grow also.


I found a lot of this stuff feels weird. But you do have to keep in mind it’s not like programming computers or tuning machines. They are still living creatures that operate under the guidelines of their own nature.

I do understand that my friend. Thanks

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I read somewhere that an outdoor plant needs 10 1/2 hours of direct or indirect sunlight: the rest is twilight. I don’t know what your outdoor setting is, but be careful of porch and streetlights as they can cause light issues with the plant. Some plants are more sensitive to this than others.

That was kind of my question. I have other strains that are not showing any signs. Also have a couple other Zkittlez plants that are find. I am just really curious. I figure they will go back to veg, at least I hope.

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That or hermi on you.

I’m in the same boat, 5 plants in full flower! Currently we’re getting 14 hours of sunlight, do you have an estimation when the plants will return to vegetation?

Damn nice looking plant. I hope ours flips back in a week or so. I am going to giving them to boost of nitrogen to help them go back to veg. Really hope they did not hermi on me.

This morning I found a video where someone had the same issue. They stated it could take up to six weeks before returning to vegetation and sometimes it won’t return without supplemental lighting. I’ve never grown MJ, this is my first time, but I’ve been gardening for 40+ years. I’ve been feeding my plants nitrogen and nothing to promote flowering for two weeks. The leaves are dark green, I’m at the maximum amount of nitrogen I think the plants can safely handle and 5 plants are still flowering. I’ll share any information I find or the results of my grow, good luck!!

Your best bet is to add supplemental lighting to interrupt the dark cycle every night til they reveg. Or hope that they can finish flowering during summer. I had about 5 big plants do this to me last year at the same time, and they never revegged.

I planted 10 seeds, with the tails on them, 8 days ago…Only 1 has come up. I have my own well and water is not an issue… what do you think is happening ??

Do you have a recommendation for wattage and additional light time per plant?

The other end of the spectrum, try to maintain it in flower and take advantage of the intense summer sun to increase bud quality. Thats the premise of black out or light deprivation.


I’m thinking this might be the best way to go. There’s only 12 minutes difference from the sunlight today to the peak in the middle of July. The flowering plants are continuing to bloom without potassium, adding flowering nutrients should help increase the bloom. Thank you again for the assistance.

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It doesn’t have to be much light. Cfls would work. And they don’t need to be on long. Just long enough to interrupt the dark cycle. Maybe 30 minutes. It would be best to put the lights on a timer and have them turn on for 30 min around midnight or 1am.

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The members on this site are amazing!! Knowledgeable and willing to share, thank you.