Wondering if this will work or how good or bad

How about 1 autoflower per square foot of grow space in a tent?

If they’re seeds you’re familiar with and have grown before, I’d say go for it, if they stay small enough to manage in one square foot. Otherwise, depending on how small the tent is, you might do best to run just a couple and see how they go. Since you’re not in control of the timing of things, they have the possibility of growing pretty big under the right conditions, and you wouldn’t want to run out of space. That said, in one square foot, you’d only have room for maybe a 3 gallon pot, so they wouldn’t get enormous.

According to the seed company 3 gallon pot is recommended though some people I read about use 5 but outdoor full potential the company said up to 13 gallon pots. Fast bud seeds. Every grow diary I have read the average indoor plant was 2-4 oz a plant with a couple exceptions that got over a half pound which is very skeptical for the amount of time but…etc… It didn’t seem to matter on watts per square foot and a lot of them were producing like that in square foot areas with over 100 articles and very many different growers so I will just have to see. The only thing is I’m thinking of filling a 5x5 with 25 so I want have a way to move around in there.i wouldn’t even think about it if it wasn’t autos and I’m still thinking I’m going to be moving the plants in and out a lot even for just a few minutes at a time to tend them. Just going to start with that I believe and see if it does ok and thin out as needed.

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i just erased what i wrote to you because i saw you have been around for 8 months so you probably have an idea what you are doing.

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by the sounds of what you are describing though it sounds like the sea of green which is a bunch of little plants just getting one bud off each one. that is typically done with regular or fem seeds so that you can control how and when things happen. trying that with autos might work but you will have lost a lot of control of how things happen. i saw a guy say he got an ounce or two from each of his autos except one which he got a half pound and that was with 4 to 6 plants. prorated for 25 plants you are talking a possibility of 4 or more plants each giving you a half pound. which is good but in your small tent it is going to be a potential problem imo.


I agree with @monkman I think u would be better off with fem photo seeds, then u control their size and decide when to flower. Gives u control of when they flower and how big they get. Also remember they stretch a fair bit when flipped to flower.


25 plants is alot for one person i do photo and clear well over 600 grams of trimmed bud a plant and my neighbor gets quite a bit from his autos. I do 6 plants in a 4x4x6 grow tent. I know every one grows different but 1 photo would produce more than 3 or 4 autos imo. But hey go for it i am down to watch it

I’ve heard of people doing more and I’ve heard of alot of people doing alot less.
But don’t discount all the variables like lighting and such they really do matter.
25 in a 5x5 sounds a bit like a hectic nightmare to me but eh Ive Never grown on that scale because my legal limit is 4.
I would say go get a bunch of 3gallon pots and place them inside your tent, then look at pictures of the strain your growing and decide how big it can get. Then think about the spacing.

@dbrn32 would say you can fit 200 plants in there but everyone’s different lol

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What you could do and should do probably two things, and heavily dependent on grower experience.

1 plant per square foot sounds like it would be more favorable with clones that are already mature enough to flower fairly small.