Wondering if I'm doing something wrong

Yeah they are about 2 feet tall now I have a screen about 1 foot above them to try to tie them to before they flower and to help hold up the buds I’m hoping they do good and I get a good harvest from the girls. I also started some clones from them in another room with a light on 24 hour cycle for the rooting. Once these finish and I harvest i am looking at starting the grow for the clones that do good and then that should get me to where I can save up and upgrade my lights to a single led light for a 4x4 tent. I’m right now looking at the different ones and comparing them to find one I want.

I’m just trying to figure out if I want a single 4x4 light all around or do a set up with two 4x2 lights.

I went this direction in my 4x4, my thought being I have two opportunities to adjust the height of the light from the canopy in the event that I’ve got a mix of plants. I.e. my indicas may not require their light to be raised as high as my sativas, so by having 2 lights I can lower the one over the indicas and raise the one over the sativas as they stretch and develop. It requires a little forethought when you place your plants for the final stretch and netting, but it may pay off with a more even canopy across the board for all your types. I’m not sure if they actually vary that much in height, but I like knowing I will have total control if they do.

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That is what I was thinking also was so I could adjust at different times if need be. Once I do that I am going to use the lights I have now for sprouts and clones if needed. What I have now is 2 of these.

So this is why I need an upgrade.

Understandable. I’d recommend HLG lights over the other two you have linked. What’s your light budget look like?

Right now my budget is around the 150 to 200 range. Once I get to where i can put more money towards my girls I plan to make it where the tent is completely done and I won’t have to buy anything but my nutes around next spring.

Gotcha. You could do a 2 board HLG RSpec kit (260 watts) up for something like $270. That’s close to $1/watt and if you’re handy, you can just buy the Boards and Heatsink and pick up the driver elsewhere to save a few bucks. I’m not that handy, I just got the kit.

Code DIY10 saves 10% (hence the $266.70 or whatever it becomes)

A good alternative (I think - I haven’t gotten through flowering yet) is the Shenzhen KingBrite LED lights. They’re similar to HLG structurally, a little less powerful and slightly less thoughtful in terms of build. Still good, durable, and doesn’t generate a ton of heat (also the dimmer is encased which I really do like) It’s more like $165 after shipping ($39 shipping for me, may be different to wherever you are) for 240 watts.

Cons here are - customer service may be totally non-existent. I haven’t had to contact them but I can’t imagine what would happen if I needed to. The shipping took about two weeks. The warranty is only one year. And you have to buy through Alibaba - fine if you’re careful to get them straight from the manufacturer. At least it was for me.

All of that personal opinion aside, @dbrn32 is really the lights guy, serious pro. He may also have an informed opinion as to whether the KingBrites are really worthwhile. I know Epistar is lower tier vs the CREE diodes but that’s where my knowledge starts and stops.

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Day 3 of the last leg of my grow thank you to everyone for helping me get here from where I had been messing up. I also have all my fox farm nutes so I am feeding right now.


Took the pictures this morning my baby girls are doing amazing.

Also I bought a new upgraded light and hope it will do good.

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My new lights came in this morning and are hooked up and shining bright. The two girls just got their scheduled feeding today with fox farm trio and also I got my new ph tester so I now can make sure everything is perfect from this point on. Also I just soaked 5 seeds yesterday and have them in a damp towel to pop them and see how well they do. Seeds are unknown bag seeds just for a fun test run and some different ways to grow and LST and other things.

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Hope everyone is doing well. The girls are doing good. Working through week 2 of flowering.

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Day one of week 3 of my 12/12 light cycle.

Thank you everyone who has and is still helping me with the girls. :smiley::smiley::+1::fist_right::fist_left:

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They are looking good to me what do you all think?? This is this :sunrise_over_mountains: morning :sunrise_over_mountains:.

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Lookin good

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