Wondering if I should go ahead and harvest

Hi, hope everyone (and there plants) are well, I’m a new grower this year and have a question, have four plants in a greenhouse, unfortunately this year with a dirt floor and on pallets. Live in south western Virginia, we got hit with a lot of rain last couple days, had fans going to vent greenhouse, this morning while inspecting the plants, I found a couple of buds had little rot going on, I quickly got rid of those buds and treated area with Neem oil.
seems all trichomes are cloudy, was going to try to wait an extra week to get a touch of amber going. But now that I cought this rot starting, should I just go ahead and harvest them now and bath them? Have a good leaf, super skunk, blueberry CBD and a chemdog cbd!
Thank you in advance


Sorry wrong pic, that was from a week ago, buds have since grown nicely and had to put a net on them as they were starting to bend, one branch broke and I tied it up and is doing well


I wouldn’t have put neem oil on flowering plants.

Plants look like they would still put on some weight and continue to ripen too. I would just use your best judgment on the risks or rewards of making decision.


Ok… I’ll keep an eye on them, thanks