Wondering if I got all the males out in time

Hey y’all I was here a while back before I planted and got some good answers to my question. I’ve had quite a go at this. Actually my 6th year but something has gone wrong each year from my dog eating them to this year wilting away after transport. A lot of hard lessons learned but this is going to be my year. I can feel it. Even with all the mishaps, I feel good about it.
So anyway, I started with 25 seeds and 25 germinated 2 days later. I heard that might be why so many have gone limp at the tops, but I don’t know. What I do know is that I have 11 left that seem to be doing pretty good although I had to transplant 7 of them just today. I have been scared because most of the ones I already did have died.
Anyway, I pulled what I think are 3 males out today and that leaves me 8 that I think are all female. That’s why I’m here today, to get that confirmation, if you wouldn’t mind. There are 11 photos, I guess I’m actually done to 8. I believe 3 of them to be males and 8 female. Am I correct? I’ve put 1 that I really can’t tell behind a partition just in case. I have labeled them with what I think they are. Also, I know they are small but I got a late start on June 1st and think they will be alright to leave til November for harvest. Thanks a bunch for any input.-Karen.Uploading: aviary-image-1596504722465.jpeg…

Uploading: aviary-image-1596504650239.jpeg… Uploading: aviary-image-1596504614776.jpeg… Uploading: aviary-image-1596504593696.jpeg… Uploading: aviary-image-1596504562959.jpeg… Uploading: aviary-image-1596504540342.jpeg… Uploading: aviary-image-1596504512175.jpeg… Uploading: aviary-image-1596504491777.jpeg… Uploading: aviary-image-1596504464913.jpeg… Uploading: aviary-image-1596504444666.jpeg…

photos didn’t upload.

I think they are still trying. Not sure. They say uploading on them. And are all listed there. Idk what to do.

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Idk if thats all of them or not. May have gotten 1 twice, but at least I’ll know if I have them right based on the ones that did upload. I hope it doesn’t upload them all again. If so i am sorry.

why are your plants soaking wet? Females are super obvious when they show

Notice the obvious white hairs? You should see those. The males, as you have already deduced have obvious clusters of pollen sacks. You identified them perfectly. So long as the pollen sacks dont bust open to a flower you should be good. You can save the male pollen by shaking it out on a piece of paper, fold the paper up like an envelope and tape it real good so no pollen can escape. Do not do this near your girls. You can carefully apply the pollen manually with a cue tip, or do the bag shake technique. Personally I like the cue tip and then cover the bud with a paper bag and secure for a day. Spray the whole plant with water and remove the bag. Then spray the pollenated bud too as water kills pollen left behind.


They are wet because I had just watered and when I do I spray them all over like it’s raining. I just thought that was a good thing to do.
I don’t understand the whole thing you talked about. I thought the males were all the way terrible poison to the females and should be removed from the area to prevent them from pollinating the females?

Was scrolling to ask same question.

Negative. They like rain water down in soil, pot, or whatever you’re growing in. But wet pants will not be your friend.

Males are bad if you don’t want seeds, but they are awesome if you do. Definitely not poison, but if you’re growing for smoke then preference would be not to have seeds in your stash. I think what he was saying if you took the males away and down wind you could probably collect a little bit of the pollen, then selectively brush a little bit on a lower cola or two and get yourself a nice little collection of seeds. But no other reason to collect the pollen if you dont.


Yep @dbrn32 nailed it. You should avoid getting water on your plants if at all possible. That said, nature rains in them on the occasion. It can give you troubles though. Even natural rain water can cause mold and fungus on plants especially when its super warm or really cool. The 2 extremes can be very problematic with water. The other issue is under strong light, water droplets can lense and cause burning.
Seeded cannabis has always been in circulation, even today some commercial cannabis slips out with fhe odd seed in it. When I was young, seeded cannabis was normal, sensi was rare! So even seeded pot can be good smoke and get you stoned, its just not as good or convenient to have to sort hundreds of seeds out of a bag of pot.


Ok. Got it. Thanks for the schooling. No more will I water from above, but only directly to the soil. I just thought… and we all know where thinking can get me. Lol! I should stop that. I do only water either after the Sun goes down or before it is high in the sky. Is that correct? I try to alternate. In my head, me thinking again, if I do at night they have 7hrs to soak it in and be cool and if in the mornings it’s a faster soak to dry, so I figure if one way is wrong then the other way will make up for it. Yeah? No?

With the whole seed thing, I think I better learn the basics of growing first before I move on to more in depth stuff. In the past I have used the random seed or 2 that I’ve found here and there and definitely remember using the double album cover and pack of papers to deseed my weed 30yrs ago. Things sure have changed. Especially the price, which is I guess why we are all here now.

I read the grow bible and numerous other articles, etc, and have tried to put all of it together with the past 6yrs of my own failures and successes and am trying to shape it all to work with my particular climate, noise levels, neighbor interference, etc. I really do think this is my year. As I said, keeping the dogs and deer out of it is a big deal. I’ve started giving the suckers to my dogs and it has kept them away. So that’s cool anyway. I am trying and it’s def not something that is mastered in a few years.

So thanks again for all the great info. I am more confident now to know that I was able to tell them apart. That’s a big step forward.


Ok, I went ahead and did the transplant of the final 8 last night. After the others wilting and dying after I did them I was afraid to do it and just finally did it. Now they are doing the exact same way the others did. Wilting and will be dead by tomorrow, I’m sure. And these are my nicer ones. Can y’all tell me why this is happening?

After transplanting they need a good soaking, water until runoff.

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