Wondering if harvested too soon or good enough?

Last trichome pics.

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Welcome to the community @Town .
Looks like you were “in the window” for harvest. They might could have gone longer and may have gained a little weight but should be just fine.


Looking back I agree, maybe a lil more time. 1st grow and thought I’d get more trichomes maturing during the dry. We have 100% indica next and wanted a energetic high, this is golden leaf


You’ll maybe have more of a heady high since I don’t think I see any amber, but they look great! Good job!

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90/10 cloudy clear to 90/10 cloudy amber will probably give you what you seek in my opinion. That looks like a good head high where you pulled. I pull in that range for smoke. Medical and edibles ill go more amber for sedation. Just my thoughts. I think you will be happy with your harvest.

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Thanks. They are trying to get there:)

Welcome to our community. Nice grow. I see some amber so you are good.
here is a chart, depends on what you are after as when to chop chop.
When to Harvest