Wondering if anyone else has tried this

Kratom, has anyone else tried it. Its kratom leave thay have been grpund into a fine powder, it reminds me of kief almost. It hails from the Thailand amd other countriesin that part of the world. To me the effects are similar to mmj, but it’s not as intense. The best part is it is still legal in most of the States I believe.

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Never heard of it. I only smoke weed though!


Oh, it’s no replacement for good bud, but if anyone out there in a state that mmj isn’t legal. It’s a decent filler for the time being till you can secure some bud.

Well I just took a 9 gram dose, on a scale.of how intense it is. It’s only about a 5 or 6, takes about 30 to 45 minutes to hit. It’s not bud, but it’s some relief from everything