Wondering how long flowering lasts for AK47

First time grower started 12/12 Monday 6/13/ 2016 on my AK47. Wondering how long of time till harvest? I am using DWC continues flow. have 5 3ft 39watt t5’s.

It’s anywhere from 8-10 weeks, depending on what phenotype is dominate. But even with that, it all comes down to how well you grew your plants, your lights, your atmosphere, etc. Because sometimes it will say 8 weeks, but be done in 7. Or won’t be done until week 10. You have to watch your plants closely! Get a jeweler loupe or a microscope to look at your trichomes. From there is when YOU determine when you want to harvest. That’s about the best info I can give you! Good luck with everything, keep posting!


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Thanks for your reply Treez. And yes that did sound a little rude, but as a newbie to growing I will take any info I can get from someone that has more experience then I. once agene thanks for your reply. It will help greatly.

This is the fun part but as Treez said watch those trichomes and make a good decision. Good Luck to you. My last grow was ak-47 auto and it wasn;t bad.

thanks bullgog1. mind if I ask what your yield was.

2 plants about 3 ounces and made alot of mistakes along the way. My best is was from a bag seed grown in Miracle Grow Moisture Control and watered from a garden hose. Doing that again right now and the plant is under 30 days old nearly 2’ tall and thriving.Nothing like Mother Nature.