Wondering how close to harvest?

Hello! I am hoping to get a bit of advice again. I know this is a popular topic. My Gorrilla Glue autoflower is in it’s 13th week. Not sure haw much longer I need to go before it’s time to harvest. Some of the large fan leaves seems to be fading. Hope the trichomes in the pic will help you decide. Thanks for any replies ! The pic with the trichomes needs to be enlarged to see well.

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Need to look at trichomes on flower rather than the leaves. Trichomes on leaves mature faster than those on flower.

Based on the pistils on the plant, you have a few weeks to go yet.

No where near ready bro another 4 to 8 weeks atleast

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Thanks for the reply!

I thank you for the your reply!

Anytime brother

Pistils say not even close. Once they turn amber to dark brown, the pistils will recede into the flower. Then start monitoring the trichomes.

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Yea looks like shes à few weeks off, if you’re not at 12/12 light schedule yet id suggest you start it. My current grow really took her time until I put her on 12/12.

My thanks!

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Thank you! Will 12/12 be right for an autoflower?

I was wondering same thing and yes it sure is ! Im on an autoflow right now, I made the mistake of keeping her on 24h light until like week 11, she was already deep into flower but the nugs were not getting mature. I popped her on 18/6 for à few days and saw noticeable progress on the nugs and I now have her on 12/12

OKEEDOKEE! Got it! Thanks! Will try that.

Thank you!

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Most people run 18h light schedules for autoflowering plants. 12/12 is how to trigger photo period plants to flower

Thank you. I have seen that there are a few reasons to go 12/12 but it seems 18/6 is good for autos. At this point I will probably keep to it’s current schedule since it’s doing so well. So many ways to make something work! LOL! Everyone is very appreciated.

It’s all about finding the style that works best for you and tweaking it as you learn. Good luck

Is a 20/4 schedule good for auto flower seedlings? Blue dream

Yes. People use it, sometimes 24h through seedling. I don’t ever go longer than 18h on my lights.

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Sorry to be so late in getting back! I have issues. LOL! Here are some current pics. I think I’m getting close. Sorry for the not so great pics. The best I could do. This Gorrilla Glue aytoflower is now 17 and 1/2 weeks old. Thanks again for any replies.

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Couldn’t edit…too much time. Here are some closer views of those pics.