Wondering about runoff ppm and ph in soil

Scrog grow, 5 gallon smart pots, ff soil. Ph out of tap is 10.6 adjusted to 6.4. Ppm out of tap is 271 & ec is 576. No nutes and my runoff numbers are ph= 6.3, ppm = 2000 and ec 3000?
Way too high or what @merlin44 , @PurpNGold74,

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That’s normal for fox farms soil. Just water only until your runoff is below 1000


I mixed perlite, Foxfarm happy frog ,Foxfarm ocean, little bit of bat poop and earth worm castings originally. And that’s without any nutes! I was worried man, thanks a lot @Bobbydigital ! So I shouldn’t worry about flushing or anything like that I’m in my first week since I’d flip the lights


No flush (unless your plants are showing an excess issue). Let the plants eat up what’s there in the soil



As stated. That’s pretty normal for ffof.

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Thanks @Drinkslinger and @Bobbydigital so ph is good 6.3 in and 6.4 out currently?

Starting to dip low, which fox farms likes to do come flower time. What nutrient line are you using?

Just ff tiger

Tiger bloom drops water ph pretty far. Are you ph’ing up after mixing?

My pH is around 10.8 coming out of the tap so I pH down to about 6.6. I have only fertilized one time and that was tiger bloom at 25% about four days ago
Should I not pH down my tapwater?

Definitely ph your tap. Especially if it’s that alkaline. I would only ph to neutral (7.0).

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P.s. when I do give nutes I add nute to tap water then ph accordingly, right?

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Hey by the way @Bobbydigital how did your white widow smoke turn out. I have one of those goin

Depends on where your ppms are at on when to feed nutes. The widow smoke like nothing I’d smoke before. It was a cool inhale like taking a riff off a water bong filled with ice cubes. Have some white widow from the last grow but it doesn’t smell right. Did an experiment garage tent grow and the humidity and temp fluctuations caused some issues. Still have it for some dry ice hash when I get around to it.

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