Wondering about pollen

I’ll start off with my main question: How do I properly store pollen until future use? And how long can the pollen be stored?

I have a male from an unknown strain I grew last year that is currently flowering. I also have a female Jäger that I’m going to clone(probably today or tomorrow), let root for 2 weeks, then switch it to 12/12 and flower her for 3-4 weeks, then cross it with the male. But since my male is already flowering, and I have yet to take a clone from my female, there will be a few week time span in which I will have to store the pollen before my female is ready for it. I know moisture is the death of pollen. Are there any tips or tricks that would help me successfully store the pollen for a couple weeks til my female is ready?

Freezer works great @Growyourown

I’m thinking if pollen is stored in a dark dry cold place it should last a long time

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Freezing it would create ice crystals in the pollen that, upon thawing, would deactivate the pollen.

If I’m wrong let me know. I’m just going off what I know about putting things in the freezer lol The main goal here would be to prevent any moisture from reaching the pollen.

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As long as it’s low moisture you should be fine. @Bogleg froze his pollen I believe.

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Storing Your Pollen

Now that you have harvested your pollen, it is now time to store them. The enemy to storing your pollen is moisture. It can greatly damage your cannabis seeds. It helps to add cooking flour to coat the collected pollen, keeping the moisture away. The flour will absorb any moisture as the pollen is being stored. It will also make it easier for you to pollinate your marijuana plant later. If you add more flour mixture and put it in the freezer, you can actually store your pollen for one year or even longer. Use freezer bags instead of plastic bags and make sure to label the freezer bags.


That’s great info thanks!

Theres also desiccant bags u can use that suck up extra moisture. They can be found in some packaged powder good like protein shakes. I have a drawer of them from over the years just in case