Wonder Soil Brand


I bought 2 blocks of something called “Wonder Soil”. It expands to 21/2 cu.ft. My question, has anyone on here ever used it? It also says it feed up to 4 months and it is, 34-14-21, coir fiber, worm castings and humus. Made in USA. If you haven’t used it I would still like to hear what you think I should do with it, besides there. lol


It looks like you could use it in the same way you’d use any other coco. I’d do a slurry test beforehand, see what you’re working with. “Feeds up to 4 months” may not be the case for cannabis.


I bought a big bag of Happy Frog and 3bags of Bushdoctor, Coco Loco. I really like the Bushdoctor as much as I like Happy Frog so I mixed them together. I thought the Wonder Soil I would put in my veggie garden in the spring. I was afraid of using it till I learned more about it. What is a slurry test? I cut a piece off and put it in a cup with water and it filled the cup within a few minutes. I guess that is the Wonder. Thanks for the shout back, I wish you had used it before.


Sorry I can’t offer more information about that brand. But a slurry test is basically doing the same thing you do when testing the runoff after feeding, to see what is in the soil as far as pH and TDS. That way you know you’re right on for what cannabis wants, before you start, rather than discovering later your pH is way off, or burn your seedlings because it’s a little too hot, or whatever the case may be. But it sounds like it’d be a similar end result as your Happy Frog/Coco mix.


That was put PERFECTLY my friend could not have said it any better than that … 1