Won’t sprout help

So my first set of seeds didn’t go to well I germinated 4 more seeds a few days again the all split and had a taproot I planted them in some seedling soil on 10-6 placed a bag over top and still no sprout I’ve been keeping the soil damp.
I’ve tried 10 seeds and having no luck
Seeds- ILGM white widow gem
Temp -73

Tell us about your dirt, the PH level you are running, your light and the lights height.

I use those seed starter discs from jiffy with no issues. Using a rapid rooter also works well. The manufacturer makes those things with all the right stuff inside and at the correct PH.

Is something blocking it from popping up? I actually planted mine the same day and just checked it and it hadn’t popped through the soil yet. At closer look though I found that there was a small piece of wood keeping it from popping up. I moved it and 15 minutes later I found this.

Little bugger was hiding.

I wouldn’t use a bag over the cup like that. Your medium still needs air. Your blocking it like that. But that’s just me.

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agreed… i would remove the bag and make sure the temps warm and it should be ok

Ok thanks for the advice I just seen others do it as a humidity dome. But I have removed the bags now… the light I have used on the first batch of seeds was

3- 32 watt 2700k
Didn’t work so I busted out the burpurple light out and still nothing I’m using distilled water. And for the soil I’ve planted 2 in rock wool and nothing 2 in the organic soil and 2 in the seedling soil and nothing
Right now I have all 4 are in the seedling soil as I realized the organic soil was to Branchy

When doming, I did it in my 5 gallon fabric pot and used a clear lid with moisture in it. So the soil still absorbed air, but the moisture is still absorbed through your leaves. But you dont need to dome if you have high humidity already.

It also helps the shell to come off, aka the helmet, and just fall off rather then stick, deforming the first set of leaves slowing light absorption down a little. Pretty much doesn’t really matter. Lol. Not too much. I’ve done both ways.

All these steps and methods I dropped mine in regular tap water checked them the next day tails sprouted. Placed them too deep actually and they all sprouted just fine I used miracle grow potting soil. I think your main issue is the whole covering them thing especially when you’re already keeping it humid. Hell mine sit on top of a smoker in a fabric seedling cup under some thirty dollar seedling light grew like weeds lol. Like others already said I’m almost 100% the issue was you covering your cups also I’d use the planter pots they help hold moisture better while allowing drainage if the water level was too much for the soil to retain. These ones if you’re not getting what I’m saying.