Woke up to this

Any idea what these are and how to combat them?

It rained last night so I’d have to wait to use D. E.

I believe those are parasitoid wasp. They are good bugs to have. I’d do some research before killing them.

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Some have wings and some don’t, they seem to be concentrating around one leaf. Look like ants, with and with wings lol

I’d pay attention to seeing any caterpillars around. My understanding (I think) the plant releases a hormone when there are feeding caterpillars. They are attracted to the hormones and kill the caterpillars by laying eggs on or inside them. Ants ain’t bad the have either.


I haven’t seen any caterpillars, worms or slugs on my plants yet. I do have leaf damage on a few leaves here and there but I haven’t seen anything alive yet. I use sluggo plus around plants and capt jacks spray once a week. Not sure if those are fungus gnats or wtf. I haven’t seen these ever. Normal ants :ant: yes one or two here and there But this seems different for sure.

In sticking with friend not foe.

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Interesting. How did you come to learn about them?

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Not an expert. But I own and operate an organic produce farm. Come across insects all the time I have never seen. Being organic I have to read alot how to combat problem pests and certainly want to leave the good ones.

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I’ll let it ride for now, they don’t seem to be doing any damage to the plants or nesting in my smart pots.
Thanks for the reply @Bow4Buck

They do look like this

However, there are a lot with no wings as well.
Regardless, I’ll let them be for the day and see what happens.
I also did do a worm casting tea root soak that had a few tablespoons of molasses so maybe the sugar is attracting them?

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Thanks. Makes sense. Great resource. For years we would purchase allotments from organic produce cooperatives. Great way to obtain a wide variety fresh produce we don’t grow.

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