Woke up to this. (What are those in the middle)

None of my previous plants have done that. What is it and is it good or bad?

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Neither good nor bad…some seedlings have some weirdness. All of mine have outgrown their weirdness and yours likely will too. :man_mage:


Top stayed like that for 3 dang days the bottom pic is the same strain that popped through the dirt and unfold in hours!!! @Africanplainstrain ,As long as it’s healthy and growing I wouldn’t worry about it… Here’s the same pair now.


Is this an autoflowers? It would appear you have pistils popping up already. How old is the plant?


@Borderryan22 ,I’m outta :green_heart:s but dang good eyes my friend!! I will agree now that I went back and looked closer

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Yes its an autoflower and its going on around 3 and a half weeks.

I’m fairly confident it is starting to flower growmie. I hate to break it, but you’re more than likely looking at a really low yield. What was your watering routine like the first week or so?


that’s the exact thought that came to my mind, looks like female hairs poking out already unfortunately but at least that’s a positive in a way :sweat_smile:.
its a girl… yay? lol

I did what I always do. I misted twice a day after making sure the soil was dry to the touch. I did make a mistake as I am new to this. I had a red light for a week or so by accident and then once i found out its the wrong one I switched it.

I checked it a little while ago. Yeah those are hair’s.

Do you use humidity domes? Misting the top of the soil literally does nothing except keep the very top of the soil slightly damp. You have to spray a lot, if using a normal bottle, to reach far enough for the roots.

The first couple weeks, plant are taking most of their moisture in through the cotyledons (little rounded leaves that open first). Using a humidity dome (simply use a clear cup and spritz inside once or twice a day) helps make sure that high rh the require at first stays for them to absorb.

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Yeah i did for the first week and a half. Once the plant got to where the fan leaves were just about touching the dome i removed it.

Why would that Durban be showing signs of flowering already? I mean its an auto but sheesh.

I’ve had autos start pistils at 13 days. Never really a set time for them. Usually 3-5 weeks is when I see pistils.

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At what point should growth start exploding?