Woke up to this fml

Greenhouse tarp came off and plants got to heavy in the rain.

Did any branches break? If not just lift the branches up and tie them to the stakes, Plants should bounce back. I use pipe cleaners, or just some string. You could go from one stake to the next with some string and lift the branches up, the string should help support.

Yeah bunch of broken branches had to harvest most of my big plant was kinda able to pull the rest up super droopy tho soaking wet shook as much as I could broke probably 5 tops trying shake them getting gas leaf blower tonight had an electric but didn’t have enough extention cables My smallest plant in a separate coverd set up survived and probably was gonna be the best smoke anyhow super depressing started her last December in a closet just watch her fall over for the last time. Also found a bunch of rot so maybe I’ll try indoors again never had much luck indoors have a ton of equipment for it tho and a bunch of auto flower seeds

Update for ya lol

Well see what happens!


Got it up a bit better

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I hope they pull through

Maybe next time you can practice a “little” :rofl: defoliation to help with the airflow! This weed loves to grow eh?

Yeah man only pulled 50+ leaves off a day lmao but for sure always could pull more. I wish I had more seeds this was a seed I found out of some top shelf dispensary bud. I got some some fem jack herrer and some fem blueberry from seedsman. Then some N.L. cheese cross autos and some sweets devils cream autos. I wanna get going on some indoor but most my equipments outdated. I have 6 8 inch 1000 watt hydrofarm raptors, 2 6 inch 600 watt raptors, 1000 watt extrasun and 3 8 inch fans but I just don’t think im doing it right or something I’ve started all my plants under them and done 3 outdoors that way but I’ve tried 3 indoor seed runs and 2 indoor auto runs and have and only one seed run came out mediocre and the rest I dont wanna talk about.

Any suggestions on to set a good indoor with any of that? I’ve also been thinking of a couple 315watt cmh. I forgot to mention my indoor rooms a closed off side room to a garage/barn. I want a tent but there expensive. I forgot to reply to you lol.

I have only been doing indoor for 2 1/2 years myself, with some changes along the way and I have used LED! Seems you have more than enough light so I would think there is another problem. I use an 8x10 room with a divider. I have read the cmh are effective, but I have never used one!

Plants that big are hard to keep up with, and the indoor will never come close to the yield of outdoor, in most cases.
The price of a tent would be negated after a grow or two. Panda film may be an alternative.

How old is a plant like that?

She popped out of the dirt December 2.