Woke up to droopy leaves and sad looking plant day after I watered her


Droopy leaves today. Yesterday watered them RO with half dose cal mag. Temp has been up to 82 max but kee it mid 70s. I nute half ff trio every other feeding. Did lst 10 days ago. She’s 3 weeks into veg. Humidity has been stable at 50% rh. Any help would be kind thanks guys


What medium you growing in? How much water did you use? Was it more than your previous watering? You have pots raised to deal with runoff? Droopy leaves are most likely caused by watering issues. Probably too much water. Good thing about that is that type of issue is easily corrrected. I’m sure a more experienced grower can give you a better answer.

I’ve definitely seen worse. Are you ph’ing the ro with calmag water?

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Looks like a bit too much water by the way the leaves are canoeing. Let her dry out and she’ll perk back up.


Im thinking the same.
How long in between watering?
Are the planters really light before you water?
How do you determine when to water?

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I think alot of people would be surprised about how little water you really need to give a plant. It’s harder to under water a plant, but super easy to over water.

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Medium is 3/4 FFHF with 1/4 perlite. I ph water at 6, didn’t ph coming out. I have the plant elevated on top of a drain catcher so not soaking. I did water more than usual as I was told to put at least one gallon or 1.5gl per 5gl cloth pot. As opposed to using .70 of a gallon per plant

That is alot of water. In a 5 gall pot I used less the 1/2 gall. So, let her dry out and she’ll be fine.

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Yeah, I second this. I often let my plants go “too long” between waterings. If they aren’t borderline dead from underwatering, it ain’t my tent.

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