Woke up still not dead yet


I wîshed I’d been wrong about that.
If you have a sunny/breezy day coming up I’d try to take the top off and spray the buds/plants with a potassium bicarbonate & H2O solution. 4tsp/gallon. Put a fan on them if you can. The spores spread easily and killing them before they get comfortable is a good idea.
If the weather doesn’t look good just try to get plenty of air circulation and keep the rain and dew off them. Don’t get them wet if they can’t dry adequately.
I’m battling bud rot too.


Damn that sucks. I just had to throw out around 40 potential Cindy 99 clones because I don’t have space for them.


Seems like everywhere I read, people say do not spray the buds with any type of fungicide? I did get a little emotional to remove a branch of bud as long as my arm and 3 inches thick! I have separated the plant from the others, it’s been in bud for several weeks but not quite there yet, a few hairs turning color.


Matty, I will have to hit you up next year when it’s time to plant again. Just returned from another CT scan and so far everything looks good. (I’ve been getting them ever three months). I contribute part of my success to Marijuana, if not from healing it certainly has helped me emotionally on the cancer rollercoaster! Sounds like you are a seasoned grower, take a look at this pic from today, how long do you think until harvest?


Potassium bicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate(baking soda) are fungicides purely because they raise the pH at the application site to the point where molds can’t flourish. I’m not the foremost expert on them but I’m pretty sure any residue will wash off with an h2o2 water bath at harvest.
Serenade is a fungicide that does work against bud rot, but I’d be hesitant to spray it on the buds.
I haven’t been able to uncover a sure fire method to eradicate boytritis other than avoiding the environmental climate that allows it to flourish. @Countryboyjvd1971


I’ll be spraying the one plant that I removed from the rest for sure, if for no other reason just to see if perhaps most of the plant can be spared. And may go ahead and give the rest of them a mist of the stuff too.


You’ve still got a ways to go. I am glad to hear the relief cannabis has/is and hopefully will continue to deliver for you! :v:


MattyBear, a quick question for you, I am assuming you live somewhere here in the Pacific Northwest. As you are aware our weather is quickly deteriorating, I have my plants growing outside, and covered, but wondering how much should I be watering them now that they are flowering?


I’m not in the PNW, but all we’re getting is 50-60deg and rain. I water them when they’re thirsty. They’re covered, so it’s only about 1/week.


I’d continue to water when they’re dry and needing it. Just be careful the roots aren’t getting over saturated with all the rain. I grew autos outside this year and still lost one to rot last month. Be diligent in checking for rot/mold and spray with a 1/1 solution of H2O2/Water if you spot any


I have kept them covered, so no rain is getting into the pots. They all look really healthy to me so I will just let them grow as long as I can. The plant that I removed from the rest because of bud rot is hanging in there. I trimmed off the affected branches, and sprayed the top of the dirt with an organic fungicide. This plant is close to harvest anyways and I have been keeping it under cover too.


Sounds good. I’d just ride it out then and feed them when they need it :v:


After finding more spots of bud rot almost every day, I was forced to harvest. Here is a pic of one of the 6 plants I was growing after trimming. I had a variety of plants and all were getting close to time, but, I decided to harvest my plants before losing more. Seems a little early sounded better then to late!


Good call, and you have some really nice looking colas there :fist::v:


Thanks Mattybear, we will see how things turn out after the drying and curing. God only knows what kind of strain they are for sure, I may have to hit you up for some of your clones next spring. I painstakingly went through every branch looking for bud-rot before hanging them in my closet. I do hope I am doing this correctly, sure was a long difficult process of cutting all the leaves and trim off (Seemed like a lot of product going out the window). I do have a closet full leftover t



Save that trim with trichomes on it into budder or oil :wink: I’m in the process of harvesting one of my tents right now and I’ll update my thread in a little while :v:


Very satisfying feeling to make it through the bout with root-rot, a smelly house drying period, and now canned!