Woke up still not dead yet


Hello, I grew and smoked a lot of marijuana during collage holding onto my 2S deferment (Viet Nam era), then I went cold turkey for 40 years. Well, nothing like a good dose of pancreatic cancer to get a guy smoking again (at the request of my oncologist). Anyway, woke up still not dead yet after three years, even though the price of pot sure has gone up after 40 years! So, I decided to grow my own. I live just north of Seattle, and trying to get all the sunlight I can on my little plants. A few weeks ago I decided to cover them and keep the rain off. Is this a good idea, or should I just let them get rained on?


Best to have control over all the components. a little rain is a good idea. The plastic will work…until a big heavy rain, then it will collect and hold water…maybe enough to collapse and squash few plants.

Yes, you are right. No more $10 mayonnaise lids. But…seed choked buds, stems and dry/moldy Mexican brick weed…are becoming rarer and rarer. No regrets here. Hated breaking up a brick and finding a inner layer of rocks to increase the weight. Or…having to smoke weed soaked in sugar to increase weight…burns really nasty.


So far it has held just fine from the last couple of down pours. I was concerned that now that we have cold nights the plastic was holding moisture inside, so I rolled up the one side as pictured. Ha, well I do remember those days, and I had no idea back then about buds, just smoked the whole plant!


A lot of growers have been battling bud rot this season, covering it may be a good idea. Although I’d let them breath and get airflow when rain isn’t imminent.


Hi @krvic, and welcome to the forum. Glad to hear your doctor recommended some MJ to help your health.


I agree Drinkslinger, I had things all buttoned up, but, too much moisture was accumulating on the plastic and dripping on the plants.


Raustin, the MJ was recommended for the nausea due to the chemo. Thanks for the welcome!


I can think of nothing better for nausea. Looks like your grow is doing very well.


You may want run a fan for safe measure.


I thought about that, but decided to rebuild my temp structure tonight to allow for more air flow.


might want to keep the sides open to allow good air flow if the mold situation is bad in your area.


I would still run a fan too just for good measure. It doesn’t take long for mold to take hold. Where I live, I would need to run about 8 it’s so humid.


Yes, I did that yesterday


I could tell you a good horror story about mold. two years ago I grew a garage full under lights that were almost ready to harvest. Went away for a few days only to return to find mold covering everything when I returned! I will try not to let that happen again.


@MattyBear, here’s someone up your way. You can tell him ALL about growing outside haha!


Nice to meet you @krvic! My name is Matt. I live north of Seattle as well…! Welcome to the forum! What strains do you have growing?


Box fan will work wonders. I’m indoors but I learned quickly that moving a lot of air keeps me from having mildew problems. Especially when the lights are out and humidity climbs to the high 60s low 70s. I learned to leave a couple of fans on during lights out @krvic. I think it would help.


I would keep the plastic over the top of them and put up some Shay cloth to hold in the warmth duraing the cold nights … tomato blankets will work also but there expensive… :wink:



Hey Matty, It is evident by looking at the plants that there are a variety of strains, but I cannot confirm the strains. In the past I got my clones from a friend that recently stopped growing. This year I scraped the bottom of the barrel, and went on Craig’s list to find some clones.


Well Drinkslinger, you were spot on. A few days ago I found some dreaded bud rot on one plant that I believe is Indica, (Short thick buds etc). I found it early, and removed the entire plant from the rest of the crop and keeping my fingers crossed.