Wodering about some spots and brown edges on my leaves

So im a little concerned about my blue dream auto. Seems like shes just a little off? Noticed some small brown on edges of just a few leaves and was wondering about nutrient deficiency maybe potasium or calcium. She is 21 days old and is growing in coko loko. I ammended the soil with gaia green 444 and 284 50/50 @ 1 tbs per gallon. Shes in a five gallon fabric pot. Is it possible she already needs nutrients? Thanks in advance.

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Check ur plant for pests check under leaves if u have a microscope use that to get a good look under ur leaves

Looked hard and the under side looks very healthy?

Are u giving any cal/mag

When was the last time u top dressed

I will say this i was gone on an out of town trip and had my wife watering. When i got home plant was very dry. Wondering if it was lacking nutes due to lack of moisture. Is that possible?

I have not done any feeding since she was planted

Ok i would say it will be needing a top dress then i would say she is getting hungry

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Thank you for that. I was kind of thinking its time for her first top dress. Should i just use just the 2-8-4 or do you think i should use both the 444 and 284 for this topdress??

U would normally top dress every three to four weeks

Thank you Aussie still new to this game. Appreciate you!

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No worries any time im still new at this aswell i have been doing this for about a year and half and im still learning


@Aussie_autos is correct in that you see a few signs that it is time to feed. But id like a bit more info.

What kind of medium are you growing in?

How old is she?

And what kind of water have you been using?

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She is 21 days old growing in coko loko. Water is at 6.5.

Coco Loco is a pretty decently amended coco. Kinda soilish to be honest unless im remembering wrong.

Do you have anyway to get a ppm reading? Regardless, im sure she’s ready for something of a feed. Make sure you have calmag on deck using coco.

She doesnt really look bad aside from a spot or two here and there. Have u watered to a good runoff?

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No, never had runoff when i watered??

Give her a good thorough soaking. She’s past that early baby watering phase. Time to soak her feet good.

Water her slowly in circles then stop and let it soak up. And after she’s good, pour somemore


Thank you. I will do that. And she will get her first feeding. You are appreciated.

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Great advice from @PurpNGold74. I’ve had several grows in the coco loco. It is amended with enough nutrients to last 4-5 weeks with PH water only. It’s a mix of soil and aged Forrest products and as Brother PurlNGold pointed kind of in between soil and coco. I fed and watered at a PH of 5.8-6.2 with good results :love_you_gesture:

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Thanks for the confirmation. Ive never grown in it myself but do recall a few people chasing their tails between coco and the amendments making it more soilish. Seems like a solid compromise between the two tho

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