Wk 3 pics of the grow

Good morning growers.
Here are the latest pics of the grow(middle of the 3rd wk). Sunday morning of this wk I started them on big bloom and cal mag. My girls is responding. The princess reacted very well and though that’s still my baby I’m starting to feel more confident for her.

This is the one I buried. So happy I was able to save it

And this lady needs no introduction.

My question is now that I’m adding Nutes do I have to stay on top of the ph?

Roll em fat, smoke em slow, wear dark shades so the boss don’t know.
Have a good one.

@anon95385719 @covertgrower
If you see anything I should know about let me know. Thanks a lot.

Continuing the discussion from Just pics, figured out the magnifier today:


They look good. A little stunted but that’s ok they will catch up. Great job!

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Everytime you feed & water your ph needs to be n line. Save you a lot of grief!


@WTAllah always add nutrients to your water, then adjust PH. When just watering, always adjust PH. 6.2-6.8 and 6.5 being the best. I usually let mine wander a bit.
Happy growing.

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Day 13 Cheese Autoflower :smile: