Without Grow Lights & Only Sunlight

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“I live in the east and the winters are cold. I grow with sunlight only. Does the cold affect the growing? I want to purchase some of your seeds but need to know if growing indoors without grow lights and only sunlight is a good enough situation? Thank you.”

No , sunlight diminishes when traveling through glass. You wouldn’t have the intensity neede
And yes Temps play a key role in your plants functions, so too low and it won’t grow and may die
I suggest the user download Robert’s grow bible, and read through the guides. Lots of great info


I have always grown indoors from March onwards for 77/80 days using Auto Northern Lights + 2 weeks cure, and its always a happy harvest and I get well stoned ( although the house had an interesting aroma) :man_farmer:

ps: a collection of mirrors + a good size electric fan would be handy also keep window glass clean.