Wishing all my friends the best


I am personaly taking this time to wish you all the very best in well being and in health in the coming New Year.
This passed year was completely amazing seeing everyone coming togetter and helping each other through not only in our grows but through sickness and health. You can’t ask for any better support group than ILGM. You know I hear a lot of you calling this your second home, well I say the same thing have for a long time, I take great pleasure working with our staff they are just awesome but most of all it’s the members that I LOVE THE MOST !
You all keep me on my toes and that is my best medicine that I can take.
And so I look forward to seeing you all here in the coming New Year with the best of health

                  "   MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE "  

P.S This is for @Sasquatch thS5TYPMC1 I WANT cheeto’s for xmas @garrigan65 Globle Ambassador / Moderator / Deficiency Expert / all around nice guy and ilgm lab Member Merry Xmas Marty lol


I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year also. :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to everyone. :christmas_tree::santa:t3::mrs_claus:t2:


And a joyous yule to you and yours. I’m always thrilled when you pop in and add something to my knowledge. Thank you.


Right on man feel the same way!


Thanks for just being YOU! And Happy Holidays to you and yours :santa: and I love the Cheetos​:heart:️


Yes, I can get behind this sentiment. I have found this to be a friendly warm supportive place to visit.
I thank everyone for that.
Wishing you all the best , and a peaceful, joyous end to this wild, interesting, and fun year, and a bright happy entrance to the next!


Back at ya brother! @garrigan65 its been an interesting year and learned a lot.
Merry Christmas Will !

ps : and to all you good folks out there Hope you get that glass bong you been wanting! LOL


Merry Christmas to you and your @SmoknGranny!
k Good to see @garrigan65 embracing his inner Cheeto dude! lol


Merry Christmas!!!

A beautiful group of very kind and knowledgeable people.
I picked the best forum to call home.

God bless you and everyone here.



Right back at you :hugs:. Yep :+1: ya just gotta love a Cheeto!


Same to you. Have a safe and good holiday


I am still pretty new here, but it does not take long to feel as you do. Happy New Year to you as well.


Wish you and everyone here all the best , and a lot of joy cause we got wonderful thing going on here…
So , Merry Christmas everyone !!!


@garrigan65 wishing you the best holidays! Best forum ever, and to the members here make that way.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well
I also feel the same it the members who make this place great :+1:
And i also call this my second home and you all are my extended family :v:️And love all may the you all have a wonderful amd peaceful season
Countryboy John D


Merry Christmas and a safe and a Healthy New Year !


Merry Christmas Will @garrigan65
Wishing you and you’re family a very Merry Christmas! :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree: And a Happy New Year!

Thanks for all you’re help and guidance…


Thank you!!!

Merry Christmas to you as well!!!:slightly_smiling_face::peace_symbol:


Have to agree, best forum ever!

Merry Christmas & a happy & prosperous new year to everyone here. :santa:t3: :christmas_tree: :+1: :grin:


Merry Christmas and happy new year! Have a great holiday!