Wiring Question

Can I use say about 10 ft per driver to extend the drivers to my Spiderfarmer SF4000 and mount them outside the tent? Also, is it possible to mount them to say, a ceramic tile for further heat dissipation. Thanks all Happy Growing!

@dbrn32 is the only one I know that could help you with those questions.


@dbrn32 What you got?

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Is output voltage listed on driver label? You will probably need wiring with higher voltage rating.


Says 48V output

This stuff?

That would work for what you’re trying to do.

yes, comes in however many feet you need. And thank you Sir.

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my drivers are on the outside of my tent plug males and females with 8’ Extension cords in between

If I want to put them back in the tent , I just plug them in

I bought most of the stuff to extend them about maybe 10 feet. My problem is going to be mounting them to something.

No problem ,I’m a Industrial Electrician for about 27 years .So any question just ask. Please be careful with polarities(on the DC side ), don’t cross wires I don’t know how much back current the boards can take .

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So everything stated above should work ? Two opinions are better than one.