Wiring 2 Meanwell driver and Dimmer HELP! Meijiu MAJO-V1.2-1000H-9

Hi- I’ve had this thing a week and can’t figure out how to wire these 2 drivers to the LED- and single dimmer, which too, is in pieces. Both plugs go into wall? What are the 3" blue and red wires for. The schematics, to me are useless.


if you don’t know how dimmers work , google ? You will not damage your light , but the way is wired will change output

@dbrn32 hes the light guru

Take a clearer picture of the schematic

I would like to see more clear pic of schematic too.

Without looking at exactly how they are suggesting, the dimming module likely needs its own power (input) and then dimming wires on driver would terminate at 0-10v (output). I would prefer to verify on schematic than just guess at what you have though.

Someone linked me a video it is close to my setup- assembly video for MAJO-V1-1000H-9 - YouTube

The schematic, to me, is clear, you can blow it up in browser or Paint- but it is useless or I wouldn’t be here.

From my thinking, it’s Brown+Brown to red and blu+blu into blue. Then the red goes in the +10v on left side blue into 0V
(that’s what the 2 shittyt Red n Blue connector are for I think)
then the power cord goes into brown to N and blue into L in…I think LOL I’m going to have a $900 paperweight.

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It’s not clear, not even close really. I can’t read it as is and gets more distorted when I try to blow it up. Whatever you have may be good, but the upload that we get is difficult to make anything out.

In video it looks like input to wall and dimming leads to 0-10v just like it would seem.

Not sure why you would say this. The light will work with dimming circuit open. You could also dim a single driver with 100k ohm potentiometer. Maybe they just sent you a bad dimming module? I would put them on the hook to support their product though.

Looks like the ac plug with the two wires will go to: blue to Lin, brown to N on the right side of the dimmer.

Then twist both dim + lines together and dim - wires together from the drivers and put one pair in 0v and the other pair into the 10v on the dimmer.

Ah yes, that’s what those 3” wires you were referring to is for. Instead of twisting the dim + and dim - pairs together you can use those like a wago connecter.

Edit: never mind, looks like you got it here