Wireless hygrometer

Is anyone using a wireless hygrometer system? like this doodad or someothing similiar. I have 2 soon to be 3 tens running and I would like to be able to just take a look at say the ipad or phone screen to know whats going on even a wireless base station. thanks!

I have something similar to that. They are alright, but I would probably get something with push notifications that you can get anywhere. I’m lazy af when it comes to my grow, but not so lazy I couldn’t go check it if I was home. Which is all the range you’re gonna get on Bluetooth.

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Im just worried about stupid stuff happening. Like two days ago in the 4x4 the 6" fan i put in turned itself off when the tent walls pushed against it. I was in the same room but couldnt see the readout. Little things that cause big problems. Plus i have been in the grow a lot. I actually cal it the lab but not out loud. My wife gets why i spend hours on hours in there but i haven’t sat on the couch in the living room in a month. Wifi would be good also. That way i am not constantly worrying.


Check out the sensor push. Little more expensive, but you can rest easy anywhere you have internet access.


I use one called the “Temp Stick”, wireless and works well. A little pricy but worth it in my opinion.


I meant WiFi and not wireless, my apologies.


these are all great suggestions. I will check them out.

I’m currently looking at the Pulse one. https://pulsegrow.com/

For some strange reason my grow circuit popped around 7pm today. I didn’t notice it until about 9pm. This means fans, lights, humidity, timers and my cloner all were all dead for 2 hours. Good thing I noticed when I did. A remote (WiFi based) monitor would be able to notify me. This is a must.


why not put wireless wifi cameras in your tent, have it where you can read your meter and look at your plants


I use a few of govee wireless hydrometers. Push notifications every 10 minutes using your spaces WiFi (2.4ghz) or other options of push notifications at 30 or 1 hour, realtime when within range, ability to export data, in app charts. It also came pretty close to accurate temps when tested in a data center with very expensive cooling and monitoring systems, however you can calibrate the temp and rh based on your homes thermostat from within the app.

Govee Hydrometer

I like having a webcam in the tent that’s adjustable remotely so you can view all the devices in the tent

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thats what I fear. Last week I was on the road for 10 hours a couple times and I was just wondering what was going on. Not that I could have raced home to fix it anyway but not knowing…
I need a battery backup for at least the fans. heats the killer. the ac infinity draw so little power also.

that pulse is pricey but in the long run I guess not. but I have 3 tents now and looking to add one more believe it or not and I am only half way through my first grow. lol.

I really need to get the few issues I have going on over at my journal under control.

I was looking at these also. they look legit.

I checked out some cameras after I read your post. I need to pick some up anyway. It was actually part of my grow proposal I had to submit to the state to get a license and the old camera broke.